The camera shutter sound seems to bother people in certain situations. For instance, you want to click a picture of your friend secretly or your pet while it’s asleep. The shutter sound sort of ruins the fun, doesn’t it?

If you are looking for ways to turn off camera sound on iPhone, this article is meant for you. There is no built-in setting to turn off shutter sound, however, there are a few tricks that might come to aid in these situations.

Switching to Silent Mode on your iPhone

One of the simplest methods of your turning off the camera sound is to flip the ring/silent switch on the side of your iPhone. If the switch is closer to the side with the screen, it’s in the ‘On’ state while if it’s closer to the other side, it’s in the ‘Off’ state. Also, in the ‘Off’ state, you will find an orange bar visible in the socket where the ring/silent switch is located.

In the silent mode, apart from turning off the camera sound, your iPhone would also mute calls and notifications, and only vibrate.

Switching to Live Photos on your iPhone

Most iPhone users aren’t aware of it, but your iPhone does not make the shutter sound when clicking ‘Live Photos’. When you capture a live photo, your iPhone will capture a three-second MOV video and sound, which brings the picture to life. However, as expected, these photos occupy more space as compared to the regular ones. So, decide wisely when choosing this feature to silence the shutter sound.

To turn off the camera sound, tap on the camera icon on the iPhone home screen.

In the camera app, switch to the ‘Photo’ settings and you will see the ‘Live Photos’ option at the top-right corner of the screen. If you see a line across it, the feature is disabled. To enable ‘Live Photos’, tap on the icon.

After you tap on the icon, the line across it disappears and any photo that you capture now on will not have a shutter sound. So, in simple words, the camera sound has been effectively turned off.

You probably now feel like a free bird and can capture photos in any situation without the worry of alarming others. You can now play all the pranks on your friends that you always wanted to, click pictures of your pets without alarming them.