Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time to write your assignments or are spending too much time on them? Maybe you wish someone else could help you with your grammar and spelling. Or you're simply struggling with your writing skills and could use some help. Cramly AI can help with these wishes.

It is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help improve your writing and productivity. With a bunch of features like a paragraph generator, an essay generator, a sentence elongator, and much more, it can be the perfect helper to automate and improve the writing process. Although an excellent tool for just about anyone who needs a little help with writing, it's especially a valuable asset for students with additional features like Multiple choice solver and discussion boards also in the mix. Let's get going.

Cramly AI Features

Cramly AI has a range of features, most of which were created to help students academically. But it also has some fun features that can help you out in a social situation. Intrigued? We bet you are. Cramly AI has the following tools/ templates you can use.

Paragraph Assistant

The Paragraph Assistant is a powerful tool to help you generate unique paragraphs on any topic. So, if you only need a little help, you can turn to this feature instead of asking the AI to create entire assignments for you.

Simply enter a topic and a few keywords, and Cramly AI will generate a paragraph that is both informative and well-written. It's great for brainstorming ideas, getting started on a writing assignment, or simply expanding on a point.

Multiple Choice Solver

If you need help with something more objective, the Multiple Choice Solver can help. Enter the question and the possible answers, and Cramly AI will tell you which answer is correct. This feature is great for studying for tests or simply checking your work.

Long Essay Assistant

If you want to write more extended essays – 5 to 15 pages long – the Long Essay Assistant can help with that. It'll help you write complete, well-researched essays on any topic with citations. It is not available for free but only with a subscription.

Plagiarism Checker

An essential feature for students who are writing essays or other academic papers, the Plagiarism Checker can help you ensure that your work is original. After generating the output, you can scan your work for any instances of plagiarism. This allows you to double-check the work produced by the AI to ensure that Cramly AI hasn't simply delivered work written by someone else.

You can also paste text not generated by Cramly in the output field of a tool and use the plagiarism checker on it.

Grammar Checker

A Grammar Checker is indispensable during writing assignments. And it'd make little sense to have to turn to a third party for this basic task, so of course, Cramly AI comes with an in-built Grammar Checker to keep you safe from the clutches of Grammar Nazis. Copy and paste your text into the grammar checker, and it will highlight any grammatical errors.

Discussion Boards

Cramly AI also has a Discussion Board feature. If your teacher is hosting a Discussion Board and you don't know how to participate in it, you can paste either the teacher's prompt or your classmates' responses, and the AI will generate an answer for you.

There are two Discussion Boards: Agree and Disagree. Depending on how you want to respond to the prompt, i.e., in agreement or disagreement, you can choose one of the two boards and get an answer in that vein.

Sentence Elongator

You don't always require someone else to write entire paragraphs, but you could do with some help. On those days, the Sentence Elongator can help you add more detail to your sentences. Type in a sentence and the Sentence Elongator will generate a list of suggestions for expanding it.

Essay Outline

The Essay Outline Generator can help you create an outline for your essay. Provide the tool with any topic of your choice, and it will generate an outline with bullet points for you, providing you with a guide of sorts that you can fill with your ideas and content.

Article Summarizer

With the Article Summarizer, you don't have to read large blocks of text if you don't have the time. Simply provide Cramly AI with the text and get the summarized version – Cliff Notes for anything you want.

Cover Letter Generator

Cramly AI won't only help students academically but also for the next step; it can help you create a cover letter. Give it some details about the job, and you'll have a personalized cover letter to aid you with the job hunt in no time.


Cramly AI can also help you paraphrase a text. Provide it with the text, and the Paraphraser tool will generate a rephrased version of the text for you.

Moreover, Cramly AI can even help you with songwriting, Instagram Captions, Christmas cards, and Valentine's cards. So it will help you not only academically but also socially!

Cramly AI Pricing

Now, it is a paid tool, but the pricing is rather affordable. You can either pay annually or monthly. When you pay annually, you can get a nearly 50% discount. But if you don't need the tool for an entire year, you can always opt for a monthly subscription. It costs either $4.99 per month or $ 10.99 per month, depending on if you're buying a monthly or yearly subscription. There are also additional discounts available. The features are the same either way.

You can also try out the tool for free without paying or providing any payment information; Cramly offers five free generations.

You can also get one week's free trial with unlimited generations, which would require you to provide payment information. Once the trial period is over, you'll be charged unless you can cancel the trial before that. You know how free trials work!

Getting Started with Cramly AI

To use Cramly AI, you'll need to create an account. Go to and click the 'Sign Up' button.

Then, you can either create an account by entering your email address and creating a password. Or you can use your Google account for a fast setup.

Once you've created your account, you can choose the subscription model. If you'd like to try the tool first, click 'Upgrade Later' at the bottom.  

Using Cramly AI

Once your account is created, you can start using Cramly AI. If you want to use any of the tools except the paraphraser, go to 'Recipes' from the navigation menu on the left of the Cramly dashboard.

No matter which tool you choose to use, you'll only get a total of 5 free generations without paying. Using the templates themselves is easy. Let's see with the example of the Paragraph Assistant.

Click the 'Paragraph Assistant' option.

Enter your prompt in the textbox provided. You can ask it to generate a 500-word paragraph, for example, or two paragraphs on a given topic, i.e., it doesn't have to be a single, small paragraph. Then, click the 'Ask' button.

Cramly will generate the output on the right. You can check it for plagiarism by clicking the 'Plagiarism Checker' button. Plagiarism checker is only available with a subscription, though. You can also edit and format the output generated by the AI.

To go back to the list of AI tools and choose another, either click the 'switch templates' button or click 'Recipes' from the menu on the left.

Other available templates can be used similarly.

However, to use the paraphraser, go to 'Rewriter' from the menu on the left.

Then, enter the text you want it to rewrite in the textbox on the left. You can also switch the mode you'd like Cramly AI to use; with free generations, only two options are available, though. Then, click the 'Rewrite' button.

You can also check the output with the AI detector to ensure the text produced doesn't flag off any other AI detection tools.

The higher the score, the more human generated the text will appear.

Before generating the output, you can also adjust the 'stealthiness' of the tool. The more the stealthiness, the less likely the output would be flagged by AI detection tools.

There you have it. Cramly AI is an easy to use tool for a variety of purposes, including writing in different formats. It's ease of use because of the different templates might be the biggest factor contributing to its success with students.