After the addition of the Copilot key to Windows PCs, if you were thinking that companies would run out of ideas to add AI to your devices, you couldn't be more wrong. Logitech has recently launched a new, limited edition mouse – Signature AI Edition M750 – that features a dedicated AI button (available only in US and UK till stocks last). The AI button launches the Logi AI Prompt Builder app.

But you don't have to buy the new mouse just for AI, as that's not the only device from Logitech that can have a dedicated AI button. You can also summon the Logi AI Prompt Builder from other Logitech mice or keyboards. So, let's see what Logi AI Prompt Builder is and how you can use this AI Prompt Builder from Logitech with your device.

What is Logi AI Prompt Builder

Logi AI Prompt Builder is an app from Logitech that connects you directly to ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus (if you have a subscription). The app is completely free to use and does not require you to pay for anything. It's available only in English currently.

The aim of the app is to make it easier to use ChatGPT without breaking your workflow. You can get to ChatGPT with the click of a single button. But that's not all Logitech has set out to do.

It can also function as a prompt builder for users to efficiently and quickly create prompts. Anyone who's even remotely dabbled with chatbots knows how important prompts are for getting good results, and how notoriously difficult they can be to manage.

The pre-baked prompts (called "recipes") in the AI Prompt Builder can help you quickly rephrase or summarize text, compose emails and replies, etc. The prompts also have parameter options that let you provide information for the length or tone of the output. You can also create and save your own recipes (prompts) for the app that you often use.

While the app currently supports only ChatGPT, Logitech plans to add compatibility for other AI tools in the future.

A whole gamut of existing mice and keyboards have support for the Logi AI Prompt Builder. You can check if your device supports the functionality by visiting this official link.

Assigning an AI Key

If your device supports it, you can assign a key for summoning the AI using the Logi Options+ app.

If you don't already have Logi Options+ installed on your system, you can download it from the Logitech website for your Mac or Windows systems. If you do have Logi Options+ installed, make sure that you update it to the latest version.

  1. Now, open the app and click the device you want to configure the AI button for.
  1. All the buttons on your Mouse that can be configured will be circled in white. Click the button you want to configure, perhaps something you rarely use.
  1. The panel for configuring the actions will appear on the right. Expand the 'AI Actions' option.
  1. Now, you can choose between opening ChatGPT or AI Prompt Builder. Choose the one you want to use.
  1. What's the difference between both? With ChatGPT, the key would only open ChatGPT in a small window, where you can use the chatbot without having to go to a new browser tab. You can chat with the AI bot as you normally do in this window, and even sign in to your ChatGPT account.
  1. With AI Prompt Builder, Logitech's new app interface would open which would let you use the pre-made prompts before sending them to ChatGPT. On the left are the pre-made prompts and the right allows you to provide the content to ChatGPT.

FYI, you can also assign both to two different keys on your device.

Using AI Prompt Builder

  1. To use the Logi AI Prompt Builder, select the text you would like to use and click the assigned AI button from your mouse/ keyboard.
  2. The text you selected will be loaded in the AI Prompt Builder.

    If you don't select the text before opening the Prompt Builder, then you can manually enter the text/ keywords in the provided field.
  1. From the options on the left, you can select what you want ChatGPT to do. Here, we've selected 'Rephrase' which contains the prompt Rephrase the following text for ChatGPT.
  2. Next, select the desired length and tone for the output from the respective options. For example, we've chosen the 'Short and concise' length and 'Professional' tone. Then, click on 'Submit' to send the prompt to ChatGPT.
  1. ChatGPT will give a response to your prompt.
  1. If you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription or would like to save the chat history, you can also sign in to your account. From the ChatGPT window, click the 'Open sidebar' arrow on the left to expand the sidebar.
  1. Then, click on the 'Log In' button to sign in to your account or create a new account using the 'Sign up' button.
  1. To go back to the Prompt Builder, click the 'Back' arrow on the top-left.
  1. If you want anything other than rephrasing, summarizing, or creating/ replying to an email, you can create your own prompt by clicking on either the '+' icon on the left.
  1. The option to create your own prompt will open. Define everything in the required options, i.e., a name for the prompt, the prompt itself, and 2 parameters from Tone, Length, Complexity, and Style, and click on 'Save'.

    You can create up to two more prompts without deleting the existing ones, i.e., you can have 6 recipes in total.
  1. You can also edit the pre-defined prompts. After selecting a prompt, click the 'Edit' icon next to the 'Instructions' label.
  1. The options similar to creating a new recipe will open. But here, you can make changes to the existing prompt instead. You can also delete the prompt by clicking the 'Delete' button.

The new AI initiative from Logitech is a great one. It makes it easy to access ChatGPT and I've already made it a part of my workflow. Now, of course, the feature isn't something you'd particularly look for in a device when deciding to buy one. I don't think it carries that much weight, but it's certainly a nice addition to have if your device supports it.