Hulu iOS app gets lock-screen controls for Chromecast, drops support for iOS 10 entirely

The latest update to the Hulu app for iPhone and iPad brings some new and useful features. The app now shows lock-screen controls for Chromecast so you don’t have to open the app to unlock your phone to pause, rewind or forward a show. The update also brings improvements to screen orientation flow on iPads.

The new Hulu app is only supported on iOS 11 and above. The last version of the app supported iOS 10.3 and above devices, but with the latest update, Hulu has dropped support for iOS 10 entirely.

Below is the full changelog for Hulu version 5.35:

Improvements: We enabled lock-screen controls for Chromecast. Gone are the days when you had to unlock your phone to pause the show or rewind to a favorite part. Simply pick up your phone and the controls are there.

We also updated the screen orientation flow for iPads to make it easier when you’re switching from landscape to portrait mode, and vice versa. No need to crane your neck anymore to watch TV.

Fix: Halloween may be old news, but some bugs don’t squash easy. No treat for the bugs meant lots of tricks on Hulu, but fear not. We put on our hats, whipped out our wands, and the creepy crawlers are now gone. RIP bugs.

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