A new version of Microsoft Edge browser is now available on the App Store with support for picture-in-picture mode, NewsGuard, and a kid-friendly news content filter. These features were first spotted in a preview build of the browser and now the update is available for everyone through the App Store.

All new features introduced with today’s update for Edge are by default disabled. You’ve to go to the app’s settings to enable these features.

  • Enable the picture-in-picture mode: Go to the app’s Settings » Advanced settings and turn on the toggle for “Enable floating video”.
  • Enable NewsGuard: Go to the app’s Settings » News rating and turn on the toggle for “Display rating on the address bar”.

For the unaware, NewsGuard is a service dedicated to fighting fake news stories on the internet. Learn more about it here.

The new Microsoft Edge version 42.9.3 is available to download for free on the App Store.

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