Time needed to transfer data wirelessly:Β 10 minutes.

Setting up a new iPhone just got a lot easier with the iOS 12.4 update bringing support for wireless data transfer and migrate directly from one iPhone to another during setup.

  1. Update to iOS 12.4

    Make sure both of your iPhone (old and new) have iOS 12.4 or above installed. While your new iPhone likely has iOS 12.4 already installed, on your old iPhone, go to Settings Β» General Β» Software Update and make sure the latest iOS version is installed on the device.
    iPhone iOS 12.4 update installed

  2. Turn on your new iPhone

    Turn on your iPhone and set up your Language and Region settings to get to the Quick Start screen.

  3. Bring your old iPhone near

    While your new iPhone is on the Quick Start screen, bring your old iPhone near to it. In a few seconds, you’ll get a pop-up on your old iPhone asking you to “Set Up New iPhone”, do what it says to get to the next step in the guide.
    Setup new iPhone quick start iOS 12.4

  4. Transfer Your Data from old iPhone to new iPhone

    On iOS 12.4 and above, you get a new screen right after you initiate a Quick Start request — “Transfer Your Data”. On your new iPhone, you’ll get the option to either “Transfer from iPhone” or “Download from iCloud” to set up your new iPhone from the old iPhone’s data.

    Tap the Transfer from iPhone option to start transferring data wirelessly from your old iPhone to the new one in the background while you finish the rest of the iPhone setup.
    iPhone Transfer Your Data from iPhone directly wireless

  5. Confirm Settings to transfer

    On your new iPhone, first Agree to the Terms and Conditions and review the settings that will be transferred from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. Tap Continue if you’re okay with it, or tap “Customize Settings” if you wish to change something.
    iPhone Transfer Settings From Your Other iPhone

  6. Set up your iPhone while the data is being transferred

    Set up the rest of the options on your new iPhone while your data from the old iPhone is being transferred in the background. Your new iPhone may ask you to set up things like Siri, True Tone Display, Apple ID password to restore purchases, etc.
    iPhone setup siri

  7. Monitor the Data Transfer status

    Once you have set up the other options on your new iPhone, you’ll see the “Transferring Data from [old iPhone name] iPhone” screen. Here you can monitor the data transfer progress. This screen will be shown on both your new iPhone and the other iPhone.

    After finishing the Data Transfer, your new iPhone will reboot.
    Tranferring data from iPhone to iPhone wirelessly during setup

  8. Restore Completed

    If the restore has completed successfully, the first screen you’ll get after the restart on your new iPhone will be “Restore Completed”, tap Continue on it to start using your new iPhone.
    iPhone Restore Completed

Note: While the setup is complete, you may still get additional info about your new iPhone like Gestures, and a few other things.

βœ… Make sure your Data has transferred successfully

Before discarding or resetting your old iPhone after setting up the new iPhone, make sure your data has successfully transferred to the new iPhone. Here’s a quick checklist of the data that is usually important for many users.

βœ”οΈ Photos and Videos
βœ”οΈ Contacts
βœ”οΈ Messages
βœ”οΈ Call logs
βœ”οΈ Music
βœ”οΈ Apple Wallet stuff
βœ”οΈ Notes
βœ”οΈ Voice Memos
βœ”οΈ Important Files

The above list is only a common list of items every iPhone users should care about. But you may have additional important files on your old iPhone, please verify that all important data from your old iPhone has been transferred to the new iPhone.