Apex Legends at launch has a total of eight characters a.k.a Legends to play with. Each character has its own capabilities and allows you to have different game experiences in each match. While six of the Legends are unlocked by default, the other two — Mirage and Caustic — can be unlocked by spending your Legend Tokens or Apex Coins within the game.

To unlock a Legend, you need to spend either 12,500 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. You can earn Legend Tokens by only playing the game, no need to spend real money. But getting Apex Coins involves paying real money. We suggest you unlock the Legends using Legend Tokens only as it’s fairly easier to earn them, and most importantly — FREE.

If you’ve already earned enough Legend Tokens or have purchased Apex Coins, you’re probably wondering if you should unlock Mirage first or Caustic. Let’s help you out here.

We suggest you unlock Mirage first

Mirage’s skill set is the most appealing of all Apex Legends’ characters. While confronting enemies, Mirage’s can cloak and plant a team of decoys using his ultimate ability to confuse/distract the enemy team while he takes them on by surprise from a position unknown to the enemy.

Mirage can also automatically drop a decoy and cloak for 5 seconds when knocked out. This helps him big time in hiding into a corner while a teammate comes for help. Mirage’s tactical ability is also super helpful in the battlefield as it lets you send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy while you get at them with a precise grenade blast.


  • His tactical abilities are a great asset when confronted by the enemies.
  • Can confuse the best of players in a match.
  • He can get in and out of any situation much more relaxed than other Legends.
  • Fun dialogues during the game.

CONS: None.

Why Caustic should be your second choice

While Mirage is a fun guy to play with, Caustic is on the dangerous side of things. To take advantage of Caustics abilities, you need to plan an attack. You need to get the enemy into the right place and then strategically set a trap they can’t escape. Caustic can take entire squads out single-handedly with his Nox gas grenade when the enemy has no way out.

Caustic can be of great help to the team members too as he can set gas traps on doors and the route an enemy could possibly take to get to your teammates. These gas traps slow down the enemy while alerting Caustic that someone is passing through his gas with the help of his Nox Vision ability.

BUT Caustic can also be an enemy of his own team as his gas affects team members the same way it does to the enemy. Caustic is only helpful in certain places on the map, and unfortunately it’s not you who gets to decide the place to battle but the ring does.


  • Can defeat entire squads single-handedly.
  • Set gas traps to know if an enemy is coming from behind
  • Great help for the team when in a locked down place


  • Can harm teammates with his gas traps and grenade.
  • His tactical and ultimate abilities can be ineffective when directly confronting enemies.

That’s all from us. We hope you find our suggestion to get Mirage first helpful.