Health in Apex Legends is similar to any other battle royale game you may have played. You get a full 100% health at spawn, and then you can add armor shields of various levels to further increase your health.

Health shields in Apex Legends come in four levels — White, Blue, Purple, and Gold. While Purple and Gold armor will give you 4 shield bars (200% of health), the blue armor will increase health by 175% (3 shield bars), and the white armor will increase health by 150% (2 shield bars).

To restore health in Apex Legends, you’ll find several items to pick at various places throughout the map. The most commonly found items are syringe and shield cells. But you’ll also find Medkits, Shield Battery, and Phoenix Kits which can restore your health and armor to the full 100% in a single take.

Apex Legends Health Restore / Healing Items

Below is how much health and shield you can restore using various recovery items available in Apex Legends.

Syringe25% Health
Med Kit100% Health
Shield Cell25% Shields
Shield Battery100% Shields
Phoenix Kit100% Health + 100% Shields

Apex Legends Health and Shield Recovery Tips

  • Unlike PUBG, you can restore health in Apex Legends while moving, jumping, sliding, or even while zip-lining.
  • When health gets low during combat, quickly take cover and restore your shields or health. It’s the most important thing.
  • When you find a Medkit, drop the Syringe if your bag has less space. And when you find a Phoenix Kit, drop the Medkit and Syringe when low on storage space.
  • Use the Lifeline legend to never worry about picking up a medkit. This legend carries a drone which can restore your health to 100% anytime and anywhere.

Lifeline Legend

The Lifeline legend has a classic tactical ability to drop a D.O.C. Heal Drone which can restore 100% of health to anyone standing nearby the drone. The legend also has a passive ability to revive teammates faster while protecting the team with a shield wall. Also, Lifeline can consume the healing items 25% faster.

Apex Legends Health Damage by various Guns

When you get shot, the health is decreased depending on the gun used by the enemy and where the shot was aimed at — head or body. The general rule of thumb applies, a headshot will decrease your health/armor more than shots aimed at the body.

Below is a quick overview of the health damage caused by a single bullet from the various guns in Apex Legends.

Assault RiflesBody shotHeadshot
VK-47 Flatline 1632
Hemlok Burst AR1836
Sub Machine GunsBody shotHeadshot
R99 SMG1218
Light Machine GunsBody shotHeadshot
Divotion LMG1734
M600 Splitfire2040
Sniper RiflesBody shotHeadshot
G7 Scout3060
Longbow DMR55110
Triple Take69138
KRABER (rare weapon, powers unknown)
ShotgunsBody shotHeadshot
EVA-8 Auto6390
MASTIFF (rare weapon, powers unknown)
PistolsBody shotHeadshot

We hope you find this page helpful in understanding how health in Apex Legends works. Happy Gaming!