How to Use Linux Terminal in Windows 11

The Ultimate Guide for installing and using Linux environment (including bash, Linux apps, Linux desktop, and more) on Windows 11 with WSL.

Linux PC

How to Dual Boot Windows 11 and Linux (Ubuntu)

Love Windows 11, but missing the Linux environment? Learn how to install Ubuntu on your Windows 11 device and enjoy a dual boot machine.

How to Permanently Delete Files in Linux using Command Line and GUI Tools

Learn how to delete files permanently in a Linux system using command line and GUI

Linux Computer

How to Use Linux Terminal in Windows 10

You can now access most of the Linux command-line utilities and applications on top of Windows 10 OS using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

What is the Linux Reboot Command?

Everything you need to know about the Linux reboot command

How to Use WC Command in Linux

Count the number of words, lines, bytes, even characters in a file from the terminal

Linux Command

How to Use CD Command in Linux

An easy way to change directories in Linux from the terminal


How to Use Cat Command in Linux

Display and manipulate content from text files from the terminal using CAT command in Linux


How to Use SCP Command in Linux

An easy tutorial to help you transfer files to a remote system from your Linux system using the scp command.

System Error

How to Fix “Systemctl Command Not Found” Error in Linux

A quick fix to resolve the issue with the ‘systemctl’ command and introduction of some efficient alternatives to it

Linux Command

How to Kill Process by Name in Linux

Force quit misbehaving processes using these Linux commands

Command Prompt

How to Use Grep Command in Linux

Understanding grep command with practical examples to easily filter and display the file content

Find Search Computer Files and Directories

How to Find a File By Name in Linux

Find your files effortlessly from the command line in Linux

Computer directory

How to Copy a Directory and its Content in Linux

Use the ‘cp’ command to copy and paste entire directories from one place to another

Linux Shell Command Line Terminal

What is the Default Shell in Linux Called?

An illustrative guide to introduce you to the Shell concept in Linux and the popular BASH shell

Linux Command

How to Use Curl Command in Linux

An extensive guide explaining the use of curl command to fetch webpages and download files right from your terminal

Linux Computer

How to Check Linux Version

All the commands you need to know more about your Linux computer

Linux user group

How to List Groups in Linux

Guide to various commands and techniques in Linux to list groups

How to Use Touch Command in Linux

Create new empty files or update timestamps of existing files/directories easily using the ‘touch’ command

Linux directory access

What Does ./ Mean In Linux ?

Access and execute commands in any directory without leaving the current current directory with ‘./’ in the terminal

File Linux

How To Rename Directories In Linux

A basic guide to rename a single or multiple directories in Linux using only command line utilities

lsof linux

How To List Open Files For A Process On Linux

Guide to using the ‘lsof’ command for a process

How to Use Usermod Command in Linux

A detailed guide about the uses of usermod command in the Linux systems with various examples

Command Prompt

How to Change SFTP Port on Ubuntu, CentOS, and other Linux Systems

A comprehensive guide to change the default SFTP port to transfer files between machines over a secure and encrypted connection