As is the tradition, Apple has released the next version of iOS as a beta release right after the release of iOS 12.1 update a day ago. The new iOS 12.1.1 beta update doesn’t bring much to the table but Apple’s release note for the latest iOS beta version are now available, take a look.

Known Issues
After upgrading to iOS 12.1.1 beta, you might be unable to select the voice used for VoiceOver and other Speech products.

New Security Features

iOS 12.1.1 requires that publicly-trusted Transport Layer Security (TLS) server authentication certificates issued after October 15, 2018 meet the Certificate Transparency policy to be evaluated as trusted on Apple platforms.

FaceTime live photos feature is back in the iOS 12.1.1 Developer beta. In-call UI in FaceTime also updated to bring the flip camera button on the front row seat.

Everything else looks similar to the iOS 12.1 update which rolled out to the public on Oct 30th.


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