Night Light is one of the best features of Windows 10. It makes your computer easy on your eyes during nighttime. However, many users have had issues with Night Light staying always on in their Windows 10 PCs even after disabling the feature from the settings.

We have experienced this issue on one our machines as well. It’s quite annoying when you have to use your PC during daytime with that warmer tint that Night Light puts on the display.

For many people, toggling the Night Light setting On/Off from the toggle switch in ‘Notification center’ works, but that is not a permanent fix to the problem.

To really fix Night Light issues in Windows 10, you need to delete the default$ and default$ folders in the Windows 10 Registry Editor. We’ll guide you through it.

Open Registry Editor on your PC. Press “Win + R” on your keyboard to open the Run command screen, then type “regedit” and hit enter to open the Registry Editor window.

Type "regedit" in Run command window and hit enter
Type “regedit” in Run command window and hit enter

On the Registry Editor window, click inside the address and press “Ctrl + A” to empty it. Then type/paste the following address and hit enter.


💁‍♂️ In most of the guides on the internet, you’ll be instructed to go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore\Store\Cache\DefaultAccount folder. But that location is not relevant anymore for the Night Light registry folders. You’ve to go to the Store » DefaultAccount folder, instead of the Store » Cache » DefaultAccount folder in the Registry Editor.

Night Light Registry Settings

Now look for the following two folders on the left panel of the Registry Editor window. These folders will be located inside the folder that we opened in the instructions above.

  • default$
  • default$
Night Light folders in registry

Right-click on both the folders one-by-one and select ‘Delete’ from the context menu to delete both the folders.

After deleting the above mentioned folders from Windows 10 Registry Editor, restart your PC.

Night Light should no longer stay always on after you restart the computer. You should be able to turn it off from the toggle switch in Notification Center or from Windows 10 Settings » System » Display.