The best(-ish) part about owning an iPhone has to be the millions of stellar apps available for download in the App Store. Everyone has the basics down to a pat, but the true challenge is to find the gems among lumps of coals. And with so many new tools like AI, AR, the hardware of the newest iPhones at developers’ disposal, the number and capabilities of the apps can stun you.

But it’s hard to keep up with all the new apps in the App Store. It’s even harder to decide which new apps are worthy of your time, energy, and data with hundreds of additions to the App Store every day. That is why we have compiled a list of the best new apps in the App Store right now and trust us, you want to be on this bandwagon. Let’s start this show!

Hawkeye Access

Hawkeye Access is an eye control web browser. Yes, you heard us right. An eye control web browser. It uses the TrueDepth camera of your iPhone, so it will only work with the newer models like iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro. It lets you browse any website hands-free, entirely through eye movements. You can use expressions like smiling, blinking, or dwelling to select. You can customize which expression to use for selection based on what suits you the best.

Phone Call Translator

It’s a highly innovative app that translates your calls into more than 30 languages. Using this app, you can call people anywhere in the world (if the country and language are supported, of course) and language will be no barrier in communication. And the best part, the other person does not even need to have the app installed, and it works whether you are calling a mobile phone or a landline.

Your caller’s voice will be translated into your language, and your speech will be translated into the language of your caller. You also don’t need to worry about privacy as the calls are not recorded. And it’s not heavy on your pocket; calls cost from $0.2 a minute. The entire translation also appears on your phone screen. Don’t let something as trivial as language get in the way of your dreams, whether it be business or travel.

Simple: Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is not the easiest diet out there, but thank god for our smartphones! There are many apps available for IF these days, but Simple has to be one of the best in the App store. It not only helps you track fasting times but also your weight, fluid intake, the meals you’ve eaten, moments of hunger.

It also provides customized guidance, expert advice, day-by-day personal plans, personalized insights, and a lot more features to help you on your way to a better and healthy lifestyle. The interface is clean and nifty too, making it very easy to use. Download it get the most out of IF and achieve your weight loss goals.

ScreenOCR – Easy Text Scanner

You know how some times you need to extract text from images, like when you take pictures of notes? This apps lets you do that. you can easily grab text from and even translate them using ScreenOCR and save them as text or PDF files.

It supports a wide array of 50+ languages for image-to-text conversion. It boasts 98% accuracy and you don’t have to worry about privacy either; no documents are stored on their server. And it has a free version, where you don’t have to pay to keep using services. You can also go ad-free by purchasing credits in the pro version.

Listenable: Learn via Audio

Time is money. And this app lets you save time by learning something new while you are doing something else. It provides 5-minute audio lessons that you can easily listen to while commuting, running or doing housework. You can choose from topics ranging from Psychology, Career and Personal Development to Health and Philosophy. New courses are also being added each day.

It is a great app to form daily learning a habit. You can sign-up for a free 7-day trial before deciding whether you want to invest in the app or not.

Magic Lasso AdBlock for Safari

The Magic Lasso Ad Block is a free Ad Blocker for Safari which is the most efficient Ad Blocker you will ever see. It not only blocks the ads, trackers, and pop-ups in Safari but also makes your browsing 2x faster. What more could you ask for?

It also has many other great features. Your privacy is always protected – it can’t see your web history. It does not let paid ads bypass unlike many other Ad blockers in the market. And if you pay for the Pro subscription, you get access to many more features like battery boost, background ad block updates, community whitelists and access to future ad blocker features.


This is the app you need pronto if you need to make a lot of business calls but are always getting hindered due to the background noise. It connects to your calls and conference meetings and entirely mutes the background noise, leaving only a clear human voice. It uses AI-powered noise cancellation to remove the noise in real-time during the call.

It also has a meeting dialer to let you automatically join your Zoom, Hangout, WebEx and other conference meetings with one click. It also syncs with your Calendar and keeps all conference meetings in one place for easier access. And it’s free! This app is the answer to all your prayers.

Fabriq: Stay in Touch

Even with so much technology to keep us connected with people in our lives, the truth is the relationships in our lives are always hanging by a thread. Fabriq makes sure that a full plate doesn’t get in the way of our connections with people who matter the most to us.

You can add people to different circles based on your closeness to them and the app assists you in making conscious efforts to keep your connections blooming with reminders, notes, tracking, and goal setting. It’s a free app, so keeping your relationships alive only needs the investment of your time.

Calendar by 44

Pay money for a Calendar app? But you already have a Calendar app on iPhone. For free! Sometimes quality is worth paying for. Calendar by 44 is a minimalist calendar and their goal is to make calendaring blazingly fast. And we’d say they look like they are doing a good job.

The calendar is fast, well-designed and packed with features. It also integrates your To-Do lists with your calendar. It has been designed to take up less of your time, so your time is spent not scheduling your day but actually living it.

Airsite – Website Builder

Airsite lets you build websites and landing pages for your business on the go on your iPhone. You can easily create responsive websites to showcase your work or promote your business. It has a user-friendly interface focused on making website building effortless for you without any knowledge of coding. You can publish your website for free on sub-domain or you can purchase a premium subscription to use a custom sub-domain.


uLouder is an ingenious app that lets you connect to people nearby. Moved to a new city and need restaurant recommendations? Just ask on the app and get a quick response from the people around you. The app is completely location based and doesn’t require you to follow or add people. Your feed is updated according to your location. You can use it to get help, ask questions, or even make new friends in the area!


MicroHabits is a free app focused on improving the quality of your inner life. It helps you in building habits that you have been struggling to build or retain. You can choose a habit from a library of micro habits or create your own as per your needs. It helps you stay motivated with reminders and rewards in the form of celebratory gifs and streaks. It is the perfect app to finally train yourself into finishing a book or start running.

Cocoon – A Space for Family

Cocoon is yet another app that lets you get closer to friends and family in this fast-paced world. You use it with your tight-knit groups to stay connected with the most important people in your life. We all know it’s so easy to forget to connect, really connect with people in our busy lives.

Using cocoon, you can create cocoons (groups) with friends and family and share updates, photos, videos, moods, check-ins, texts without the fear of interrupting them (notifications are silent). One of the unique functionalities of this app is that it lets you track the flights of people in your Cocoon, making it that much easier to stay updated. And the app is completely free!

GETITDONE – To-Do Wallpaper

We’ve saved the best for the last. This has to be the most simple yet the most innovative app of the lot. We all check our phones multiple times throughout the course of the day. This app forces us into being productive every time we check our phones. Well, hello! That is a lot of productivity.

The app creates wallpapers of your to-do lists, so every time you see your phone and behold the list, you’ll be getting an itch to complete your tasks. You can buy the app for just $1.99 and get started on the journey to be your most productive self ever.

If you know of any new app for iPhone worthy of mentioning in the list above, be sure to tweet it to us.