Got a song stuck in your head but cannot recall its name? With YouTube Music's latest update, that may no longer be an issue. The new update allows users to whistle, sing, or hum a song and ask the app to identify the song, much like Apple's Shazam. However, this is even better since you do not need to actually remember the song's lyrics or be playing it on your device to identify it.

While it may appear that this is a new feature, it has been present on Android for more than four years and made its way to the YouTube Android app last year. It is now being integrated with YouTube Music too, which makes it more useful.

YouTube Music's Hum To Search Feature. Source: Google

Find Songs On YouTube Music By Singing Or Humming

YouTube's new music search feature called Hum-To-Search is now rolling out to users on Android. It relies on advanced audio recognition technology and will display full-page results when it identifies a song, showing you the album art, artist name, song name, and other details. Here is how you can use the feature.

  1. Open the YouTube Music app on your Android device and tap on the Search icon to start searching for a song.
  2. If the feature is available on your device, you will see a waveform icon representing the Hum To Search feature next to the search bar. Tap and hold the icon and hum or sing a song you want to identify.
  1. YouTube Music will try to recognize the song you hum and display the results on your screen. Providing a clearer and longer melody will increase the chances of successful identification.
  2. Tap on any item on the results page to learn about the song, artist, etc., or start playing it. If the app fails to recognize the song, you can try again.

YouTube Music's new Hum To Search feature brings it on par with other apps like Shazam, which have had music recognition capabilities for several years. However, right now, you can only access it on Android devices as the web version does not offer this feature.

The feature will come as part of an app update, which will bump up the app version to 7.02. Also, the feature is gradually rolling out to Android devices everywhere, so it may be some time until you get it on your device. There is no word on when it will be available for iOS devices.