Reminders are an everyday necessity. With a lot of things going on in your life, the last thing you want is to miss out on the most important ones. Besides personal life, reminders are immensely useful in your work environment too. Think about that time you forgot to log onto an important meeting because you were too busy working? Nah. That’s something you don’t really want again.

When it comes to reminders, Microsoft Teams has got your back. Apart from being a great place for teams to collaborate, it’s also an incredibly convenient space to schedule future events and meetings. These applications on Microsoft Teams ensure a much smoother workflow both for your private workspace and your workgroups. Check them out!


Just text in your reminder and the time you’d like to reminded and it’ll be done.

Remind is a straightforward and super-fast way to set personal and team reminders. The user interface of the ‘Remind’ app is incredibly simple. Just message what you want to be reminded of, and Remind would send you a notification for the same. You can mark additional schedules or reminders for specific messages as well.

You could also set up a ‘Remind’ bot for group chats/channels. Once you’ve typed in your specific message, all your group mates would be notified of the same. However, your conversationalist here is the ‘Remind Bot’, so remember not to block that bot!

Remind Myself

Make an informal list of your things to do and Remind Myself would have your back.

Remind Myself is a great app for listicle reminders alongside individual ones. If you have a massive list of things to do, all you need to do is message out your list of things to do either on your personal space or a workgroup/channel. For example, ‘meeting in 2 hours, lunch with boss in 5 hours, important work call tomorrow at 2 PM’ and so on.

These random, informal items would, in turn, set off alarms for each item on the list. Just like ‘Remind’, users could apply additional schedules and reminders for each of the items on your list. ‘Remind Myself’ can also be set up on group chats, where you could send in reminder texts or lists to your group channels.

Remind Me

Ensure to press on the three dots to set your reminder.

Remind Me has a slightly different interface, where reminders are set only after clicking on the ‘three-dots’ of a message (which would be the reminder message). This means, you can still send in a text to the Remind Me bot, but, you would have to further schedule it. It’s not as automatic as the previous two.

However, an added feature is that ‘Remind Me’ would also display the name of the person who set reminders. You could send in group reminders with this application as well. Besides, each message could be turned back into an unread text to ensure that you mark them once you’re done with that particular task.

Remember This

RememberThis is a great Microsoft Teams application for setting group reminders. However, this app does not have the option for personal reminders, thus being a team-exclusive reminder app. Nonetheless, it is a conducive way of fixing short reminders for groups.

RememberThis helps to prevent losing important conversations with an overload of new messages. Thus, the RememberThis bot would act as an agent in starring crucial messages. One drawback of this app is that you could only set future reminders that would fall within a span of a week. Hence, RememberThis is an excellent way to set immediate reminders for your work channels.

And there you have it! Four spectacular apps on Microsoft Teams to set your organisational reminders both for your personal and group work platforms. All these applications are easy to find and integrate into your individual job scene on Microsoft Teams.