Microsoft Teams

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete list of shortcuts for efficiently using Microsoft Teams on Windows, Web, and Mac.

Microsoft Outlook

How to Add Microsoft Teams to Outlook

Use the Teams add-in for Outlook to schedule Teams meetings from Outlook.

Microsoft Teams Logo

How to Fix it When Microsoft Teams is Not Showing Status or Isn’t Updating It

15 fixes to solve the unknown status problem in Microsoft Teams.


How to Delete a Column in Microsoft Lists

Easily delete any columns that no longer serve a purpose.

Delete Chat

How to Delete Chat in Teams

Deleting your chats in Teams isn’t as simple as you might expect.


How to Hide and Unhide Chat in Microsoft Teams

Declutter your chats in Microsoft Teams by easily hiding chat threads.

Clear Cache Files

How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache

Here’s what you need to do to clear the cache for Microsoft Teams in Windows, Mac, and Mobile to resolve common issues and errors.

Microsoft Teams Block Chat

How to Block Someone on Microsoft Teams

Blocking someone isn’t always an option on Microsoft Teams. But there are alternatives available.

Mute Mic Meeting

How to Fix Microsoft Teams Microphone Not Working Issue

If your Microphone is not working with Microsoft Teams, here are some fixes that will solve all microphone issues on your Windows PC.

Video Call

How to Use Microsoft Teams Without an Account

No Teams Account? No problem! You don’t need one to use Microsoft Teams for meetings.


How to Fix Teams Chat Not Working Issue in Windows 11

These fixes will get Teams Chat up and running in Windows 11 in no time.

Microsoft Teams Chat

How to Remove Teams Chat from Windows 11

Get rid of Chat integration from Microsoft Teams in Windows 11 easily.

Walkie Talkie

How to Enable and Use Walkie Talkie in Microsoft Teams

Convert your phone into a walkie-talkie with the latest update in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams

How to Fully Disable and Uninstall Teams in Windows 11

If you are not using Microsoft Teams app, hide the Chat icon from the taskbar, remove it from Startup, or uninstall it from your Windows 11.

One on one video call

How to Enable End-to-End Encryption for Microsoft Teams Calls

Microsoft has jumped the end-to-end encryption for your calls so you can now discuss things without any worries.

Microsoft Teams

How to Use Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

A comprehensive guide to using Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Video Call Google Meet

How to Blur Background on Microsoft Teams

If you’re apprehensive of the background on a Microsoft Teams call, this guide will help you figure out a way around and through the problem!


How to Go to a Certain Date in Teams Chat

Find an important message by navigating to a specific date in your Teams chat history.

Video Meeting

How to Send a Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite

Easily invite attendees to your scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings and track their responses.

Live Transcribe

How to Enable Transcription in Microsoft Teams

Take automated notes in a meeting by using the Live Transcriptions feature in Microsoft Teams.

Walkie Talkie

How to Use Push to Talk (Walkie Talkie) in Microsoft Teams

Convert your phone into a secure Walkie Talkie and communicate with teammates on the go with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Logo

What’s New in Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

The Microsoft Teams experience is getting a makeover in Windows 11

Mic On

How to Unmute in Microsoft Teams

Unmute yourselves in a jiffy whenever you need to contribute to the meeting.

Notification sound

How to Mute Teams Notifications

From disabling your notifications completely to muting selected ones, this guide can help you through it all.