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Spotify Desktop app

How to Enable or Disable Spotify to Automatically Start at Login

All the ways you can automatically kickstart your Spotify desktop app at login (or not).


How to Create a Similar Playlist on Spotify

Create playlists similar to your existing ones without any effort on your part.

Spotify Playlists

How to Make Playlists Public Automatically on Spotify

Make all your new playlists go public automatically in a jiffy!

WhatsApp Read Receipts

How to Enable/Disable Read Receipts on WhatsApp

Never be bound to blue double tick marks again!

WhatsApp Icon

How to Enable or Disable WhatsApp from Opening at Startup

Set WhatsApp to automatically launch (or not) with these simple methods.


How to Change Presence Status on Twitch

Manually set a status presence and protect your actual activity on Twitch.

Twitch chat

How to Pause Chat on Twitch

Pause the stream chat movement and take a whole moment to read/respond to texts.

Twitch Logo

How to Disable/Enable Sharing Activity on Twitch

Turn the ‘Share my activity’ feature ON or OFF in seconds.

Twitch App Computer

How to Exit Twitch on Desktop

In-app and PC settings that can successfully end Twitch, anytime.

Twitch Logo

How to Enable Mature Content on Twitch

Stream responsibly. Give your audience a heads up before they begin watching your stream if it has mature content.


How to Create and Set Up a Discord Server

A simplified guide to get through Discord’s basics and help you create your server!


What Does ‘Throw Shade’ Slang Mean and How to Use it?

Narrate, explain, or express, baseless or based disrespect; the millennial style.


What Does ‘Sus’ Slang Mean and How to Use it?

Did someone suss you out? Does someone seem sus to you? It’s not always the same thing.


What Does ‘Clap Back’ Mean and How to Use it?

Sometimes, when someone makes noise, you just gotta clap against it.

TW - Trigger Warning

What Does ‘TW’ Mean and How to Use it?

Make the internet a better, safer place one appropriate TW/trigger warning sign at a time.

Caught in 4k

What Does ‘Caught in 4K’ Mean and How to Use it?

When the evidence is just too strong and the publicity just too high.

Let that sink in

What Does the Expression ‘Let That Sink in’ Mean and How to Use it?

Two minutes of silence.. to let that sink in.

No lie sign

What Do ‘Cap’ and ‘No Cap’ Slangs Mean and How to Use Them?

The whole new way to call out pretense and keep it real.

IRL In Real Life

What Does ‘IRL’ Mean and How to Use it?

When we created an alternate reality and an acronym referring to the actual reality.