Sony has spilled the beans on the launch of a new character in Apex Legends by Mid-Season or the end of Season 1. The game’s PS4 listing has revealed two new Legends will launch over the course of Season 1. One of the Legend, Octane, launched alongside the Season 1, and now this second legend is expected to launch in the next couple of months.

The Season will last for 12 weeks, which translates to June 2019. We are already one week through the Season 1, and given how much fun it has been playing with the newly launched Octane thus far, we can’t wait to see what the second legend brings to the game.

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Not only a new legend, but Sony’s listing has also confirmed the rumors of a new weapon launching in Season 1. It’s not clear what this new weapon does, and when it’ll launch but it’ll come with a full set of cosmetics to unlock.

There will be two new items as well which are said to bring new and innovative to the game. These new items will also launch by the end of Season 1.

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