Zoom has been designed with an interface that is extremely user friendly. High functionality and convenience to access its features are the reason behind Zoom’s success. However, sometimes certain questions about the app might make you curious before using it and the answers might not be right in front of you.

One such question about Zoom’s functionality that many users have before hosting a meeting is if the host can leave the meeting without ending it. A direct answer to that question is Yes. The host can leave a Zoom meeting after assigning a new host from the fellow participants.

Let’s see how can a host assign another host and leave the meeting.

How to Assign a New Host in a Zoom Meeting and Leave

The simple steps to assign a new host in your zoom meeting starts with the ‘End’ button at the bottom-right corner of your meeting window. Click on ‘End’ without hesitating as this won’t end the meeting directly.

On clicking the ‘End’ button, two options will pop-up on your screen. Since you don’t want to end the meeting for everyone and only leave yourself, you need to select the ‘Leave Meeting’ option.

Before leaving the meeting, you will have to assign another host to take over the meeting. Another pop-up window option for the same will appear when you choose ‘Leave Meeting’.

You can assign another host from the list of participants in the first tab and then click on the ‘Assign and Leave’ button to leave the meeting successfully without ending it.

Following the simple steps discussed above will let you leave Zoom meetings as a host whenever you need to opt-out without the hassle of ending meetings for everyone.