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FIX: YouTube Playback Error in Windows 10

Everything you need to know to fix YouTube streaming issues on your system

Online Shopping

How to Use OctoShop to get the Best Deals Online

Easily compare and track product prices on different websites with OctoShop

Smart Copy Microsoft Edge

How to Use Smart Copy on Microsoft Edge

Effortlessly copy content that you find across the web without losing the formatting

Schedule Webex Meeting

How to Set up a Webex Meeting in Outlook with a Microsoft Office 365 Account

Schedule Webex meetings from your Outlook Calendar

Schedule Meeting Zoom

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting in Outlook

Set up Zoom meetings conveniently from your Outlook calendar

Dark Mode Microsoft Teams

How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Teams

Relieve your eyes from staring at computer screens with the help of Dark Mode in Microsoft Teams app

Share Screen

How to Share Audio on Google Meet

Play your video file in a Chrome tab to share it with audio in a Google Meet

Online Meeting

How Many People Can You Have On a Zoom Call

Everything you need to know about participants limit in a Zoom meeting

Increase font size message

How to Increase or Decrease Font Size of a Message in Microsoft Teams Chat

Express better in text messages with custom font sizes

Background Process

How to Stop Zoom from Running in the Background

Save yourself the trouble

Meeting Call

What Does Personal Meeting ID Mean on Zoom and How to Use It

No hassle of sharing Zoom meeting ID invite every time

Video Meeting

Can the Host Leave a Zoom Meeting without Ending It?

Yes, but not without assigning another host before leaving

Zoom Netflix Together

How to Watch Netflix on Zoom

Screen Share Netflix in a Zoom meeting to watch it together with your friends

Zoom Chat

Can Host (Teachers) See Private Messages on Zoom?

No, not unless you or the receiving participant records and shares the recording file

Video Call

How to See Everyone in Zoom Web Browser Client using Chrome

Get ‘Gallery View’ of everyone in a meeting using Zoom Chrome app

How to Mute Microsoft Teams Audio

Tune out of a Microsoft Teams meeting without leaving it

Zoom Interview

How to Prepare for a Zoom Interview

Everything you need to know for a smoother interview over Zoom

Delete Account

How to Delete or Cancel Your Zoom Account

The easy and straightforward way to terminate a Zoom account

Profile Picture

How to Change your Profile Picture on Zoom

Look your best in Zoom meetings even when your camera is off

Video Call with Mic

How to Turn Down Google Meet Volume

Tactic to control audio in Google Meet

Zoom Audio Mute

How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

Easy hack to mute the host in a Zoom Meeting

Teams Cache

How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache

Troubleshoot memory problems in Microsoft Teams desktop client