Clubhouse has gained tremendous popularity not just because it is a great platform to socialize and learn at the same time, but also because it has several features other social media platforms lack.

One of the main concern users have is spamming on social media. Clubhouse combats the problem effectively by setting a limit. Several users on various social media platforms tend to follow as many people to increase their reach. The person they follow starts receiving notifications and there’s no way out other than unfollowing the person.

Clubhouse has the policy to restrict someone from following more people if they follow a large number in a small time. This is to restrict the notification users receive and to avoid spamming, which is an effective solution altogether.

If you are unable to follow more people on Clubhouse, the most likely reason is that you have hit the limit. You’ve probably followed many people in a short time-frame, resulting in a restriction on your account to follow anyone anymore on Clubhouse.

However, the restriction is temporary for a certain period and is lifted soon after. Once lifted, you can again start following people on Clubhouse.

To be on the safe side, you should not follow people at random, rather build great personal and professional connections on Clubhouse. These connections will certainly be of great aid in the long run.