Person on call

How to Find if a Speaker is on Call on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has taken social media enthusiasts by storm ever since it was launched. The audio-only chat app, allows users to…

Clubhouse Money

How to Send Money on Clubhouse

The wait is finally over! Learn everything about sending payments on Clubhouse right here.


How Can I Join Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has created a lot of storm amongst social media enthusiast and people have been trying to get an invite ever since.


6 Things Every Clubhouse User Should Know

If you are new to Clubhouse, there are a couple of things you should know, to not feel left out in conversations.

User bio

How to Write a Good Bio on Clubhouse

A good bio makes a long-lasting impression on the person visiting your profile, therefore, ensure that your bio stands out from the crowd.

Raise hand skin tone

How to Change the Skin Tone (Color) of ‘Raise Hand’ Icon in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a trending app in the social media category, with millions joining the app each month. It has gained…


Can’t Follow People Anymore on Clubhouse? Here’s the Reason

If you can’t follow people on Clubhouse, the most likely reason is that you have followed way too many people in a short time frame, resulting in a temporary restriction on your account.


How to Disable Contacts Access for Clubhouse

If you are concerned with Clubhouse accessing your Contacts list, disable it from the Privacy settings of your iPhone.

Mic audio

How to Change Audio Quality to High or Low in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social networking app where people interact with other each. It’s a great platform to meet like-minded…


How to Create a Club in Clubhouse

Most of us never heard of Clubhouse until a couple of months ago, but have been spending hours on it…


How to Increase Followers on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is one of the first audio-only chat apps to have fascinated people from across the globe. It has a…

User profile bio

How to Edit Bio on Clubhouse

You must keep updating your Clubhouse profile bio regularly. This ensures that other users are aware of your achievements and recent happenings.

Mobile Notification

When and Why do I Receive Notifications on Clubhouse?

Every Clubhouse user should know when and why do they receive notifications, and if they could be customized or disabled altogether.

Join club

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Clubhouse

If you haven’t yet joined Clubhouse, and are wondering if you should, here are 5 reasons you should sign-up today itself if you’ve received an invitation.


How to Report Someone for Trolling in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a platform where people from different walks of life come together to interact and share ideas. It’s been…


How to Schedule a Room or Event in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is all about rooms, whether you want to share somethings as a speaker or simply listen. There are hundreds…


How to Record on Clubhouse

Easily record on Clubhouse using the ‘Screen Recording’ feature on your iPhone, with permission from the moderator(s) and speakers in the room.

Privately talk

How to Privately Talk to Someone on Clubhouse

Host a ‘Closed’ room on Clubhouse to privately talk with someone without worrying about anyone else joining the conversation.


What is PTR on Clubhouse and How to Do It

PTR stands for Pull to Refresh. It’s a common acronym in Clubhouse rooms and you’ll often hear it from room moderators and speakers.

Add user

How to Ping Someone in Clubhouse

Invite someone to join a Clubhouse room by pinging them into the room.

Raise hand

How to Change or Disable ‘Raise Hand’ Feature in Clubhouse

Clubhouse room moderators can change who can raise hands in a room or even disable the raise hand feature when managing large audiences become difficult.

Clubhouse invite

How to Invite Someone to Clubhouse

Clubhouse, an audio-only chat app, is currently available on iPhone, and to join, one has to receive an invite from…

Block User Social Network

What is Shared Block List on Clubhouse and How Does it Work

The shared block list feature in Clubhouse helps you identify a user who has been blocked by multiple people in your network.

Remove person

How to Remove Someone from a Room in Clubhouse

Clubhouse promotes healthy interactions and discussions on the platform but many people end up talking about things that are not…