If you’re a Linux user looking forward to get Disney+ subscription, know that the streaming service currently doesn’t support Linux. You cannot stream a movie or a TV show from Disney+ on a computer running Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Chrome.

Disney+ doesn’t have a dedicated app for Linux, and trying to stream content from a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. shows Error Code 83 in return on Linux devices. The same is the case with Chromebooks as well.

A user over at Tweakers found out in the browser response code (using Chrome Devtools) that Disney+ Error Code 83 means platform verification status is incompatible with the security level.

The following JSON response shows in Chrome Devtools as a 400 error when trying to play a movie on Disney+ on a Linux based computer.

{"errors": [{"code": "platform-verification-failed", "description": "Platform verification status incompatible with security level"}]}

Disney+ uses Google’s Widevine DRM to protect its content from misuse. This DRM module has three security levels which are simply named L1, L2, and L3. Netflix uses the L1 specification, and it works fine on Linux devices. However, Disney+ appears to have changed the perimeters to not allow Linux kernel, and even incognito mode in a web browser on Windows.

Is there a fix for Error Code 83?

Being a Linux user, you might be thinking of running Disney+ through its native Android app using an emulator like Bluestacks. Unfortunately though, emulators fail to pass the Widevine DRM security check.

So even if you manage to get the Disney+ Android app running on your Linux computer or Chromebook, you will still get the same Error Code 83.

We hope Disney+ adds support for Linux. But it appears that the company is unlikely to change the Widevine security policy used in its streams anytime soon.