Apple rolled out the iOS 13.4 update for iPhone and iPadOS 13.4 for iPad devices with new features like iCloud Drive Folder Sharing, new Memojis, and Mouse and Trackpad support in iPad.

However, many users have confused ‘Mouse support’ as a feature for the iPhone as well. If you came here hoping that iOS 13.4 have the mouse support in store for iPhone, we’re sorry to break your heart, but iOS 13.4 has no such feature.

You might be able to pair a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone. But it won’t work. iPhone doesn’t get the ‘Trackpad & Mouse’ setting in iOS 13.4 like iPad does with the iPadOS 13.4 update.

To explain to you with an example, we connected our Logitech M720 Triathlon Bluetooth mouse to both our iPhone and iPad devices via Bluetooth. You can see the screenshot below of the iPhone connected to the mouse in Bluetooth settings.

However, the mouse pointer wouldn’t show on the screen after connecting the mouse to the iPhone. And if we go to Settings » General, there’s no setting for ‘Trackpad & Mouse’ on iPhone.

No ‘Trackpad & Mouse’ Settings option

On an iPad running iPadOS 13.4, when a mouse is connected to the iPad, the setting for ‘Trackpad & Mouse’ appears in Settings » General screen.

Having Mouse support on iPhone doesn’t make sense anyway. And we don’t think Apple would add it unless an ‘iPhone Pro Max Plus’ device is in the making.