The Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad devices is getting a UI refresh with an update to version 1.4.5005. The app now features a redesigned bottom bar with buttons for the mic, keyboard input, explore options, and the home feed. There’s a new profile picture icon on the top right, which takes you straight to the Assistant’s settings.

Most of the UI changes are made to the Google Assistant settings screen. There’s a new tabbed UI with recategorization of the Assistant’s settings into three tabs — Personal info, Assistant, and Services.

Check out the side-by-side before and after comparison of the UI refresh in Google Assistant iOS app below.

Left: Old  |  Right: New
More content is visible on the newer version.
Left: Old  |  Right: New
Settings screen gets a overhaul in the new version
Left: Old  |  Right: New
Updated UI for voice search

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