Right after Apple started rolling out the iOS 12.1 update with support for Dual SIM on the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR on Oct 31st, Airtel started accepting requests for converting physical SIM cards into an eSIM. However, the requests were honored for a couple of hours only, and Airtel issued a public statement later that it’ll deactivate all eSIM activations which were done by mistake.

Now, the Apple support page that mentions the eSIM supported carriers world over has just been updated with the status for Airtel eSIM put to “Coming later this year.”

As for the Jio eSIM, multiple store owners have confirmed Nov 5th to be the official launch date for Jio eSIM services. The carrier has updated and distributed the internal software required to issue eSIM to the Jio store owners, but the training to use the software is yet to be completed, and hence the hold until Nov 5th.

If you’re eager to get an eSIM now, you can try pressing the guy at your nearest Jio store to follow the process mentioned in the tweet below to get your Jio SIM converted into an eSIM.


If you happen to own an iPhone XS, XS Max or the iPhone XR, be sure check our guide on how to use set up and use Dual SIM with eSIM on your device.

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