Earlier this week, Google rolled out an update to the Google Drive app with support for Handoff for iPhone and iPad devices. The update also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements to the app.

With version 4.2018.42202 of the Google Drive iOS app, “You can now easily pass a document or folder from your mobile device to your desktop and vice versa using Handoff.” 

Apple introduced Handoff in iOS 8, the feature is extensively used by Apple’s own apps but third developer support has been limited. Even for Google, it took five years to finally add support for Handoff in one of its most Handoff-sensible app — Google Drive.

You might wonder Google Drive already supported this kind of stuff, like editing a file on your iPhone, then pick it up on your Mac or Windows through a web browser. Well, yes! It did. But with support for Handoff, it gets even simpler. When your Mac and your iPhone are nearby and connected to each other via Bluetooth, Handoff automatically gives you a prompt to pass the file you’re working on to your Mac or vice versa. Handoff basically makes it effortless to pass over stuff between your iOS and Mac devices.

The updated Google Drive app is available to download on the App Store for free,

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