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How to Make YouTube Kid Friendly

How to Make YouTube Kid Friendly

Make YouTube Kid-Friendly, with these tips and tricks for parents. Learn how to use parental controls, set up supervised accounts, and create a safe and fun experience for your kids on the world's biggest video platform.

How to Create a Google Meet

How to Create a Google Meet

Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts Meet, has gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks as the world has found itself greatly dependent on collaboration and video conferencing apps. Organizations, schools, and universities have all had to make the shift to a Workstream Collaboration app, and...

How to Free Up Space in Gmail

Although the storage space when using Gmail may seem infinite, that is certainly not the case. Google gives its users 15 GB of free cloud space and it is cumulative across all its services. And if you’ve been using Gmail for quite some years now, or you also use...

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