Google announced recently that it is adding a bunch of new features to its Gemini AI. One of these is a personalization option that lets you create customized versions of the chatbot that can have different personalities. Named Gemini Gems, the new feature is similar to how OpenAI lets you create custom GPTs.

Users can provide instructions to craft chatbots with distinct personalities and characteristics, and the bot created can perform different actions depending on what you create it for. For instance, you can create chatbots to code an app, plan a meal, or write a novel. So, if you constantly use Gemini for a singular task, you can create a Gem for it instead of repeatedly prompting Gemini for your particular needs. Let's take a look at what these Gemini Gems offer in detail.

How can you create a Gemini Gem?

Setting up a Gemini Gem is incredibly easy, according to Google. You just need to provide Gemini a name and instructions about what you want the Gem to do and how it should respond. For instance, you can create a gym coach with an upbeat personality that can provide you with a daily training plan.

Google is trying to encourage the development of more AI-powered chatbots by offering a high level of customization with Gemini Gems. With these Gems, the search giant is also putting more emphasis on the bots' personalities, so users can create and interact with fictional characters, such as those of celebrities or even digital psychiatrists, much like what Character.AI lets you do.

Creating A Gemini Gem. Source: Google

Who can create and use Gemini Gems?

Gemini Gems will be available for Gemini Advanced users, which means paid subscribers will have access to the feature. Gemini Advanced has an improved LLM model, which can understand more complex queries and texts needed for creating customized chatbots.

Like OpenAI's GPTs, Google's Gemini Gems are designed to provide customizable AI-powered chatbots that cater to users' specific needs and preferences. Each Gem can have a unique personality and perform a specific task for which it is created.

Gemini Gems will be making their way to Gemini Advanced users soon, so it looks like free users will not have access to the feature, at least for now. Hopefully, it will become popular enough for Google to consider offering them to everyone, much like OpenAI made its custom GPTs available to free users recently.