Zoom has enabled Waiting Room as default for all meetings to prevent Zoom Bombing and secure meetings from uninvited guests.

Any new meeting that you create in Zoom will now have Waiting Room enabled. Meaning, participants will have to get approval from the meeting host to enter the meeting.

Hosts can see participants waiting to get into the meeting from the ‘Participants’ panel in a Zoom meeting. They can ‘Admit’ a participant individually or choose to ‘Admit all’ participants in the waiting room at once.

In a Zoom meeting window, when a someone tries to join your meeting, you’ll see a pop-up above the ‘Manage Participants’ option on the host control bar with options to either ‘Admit’ the participant or ‘See all participants’.

If there is more than one participant in the waiting room, click on the ‘See waiting room’ button to open the ‘Participants’ panel in the Zoom Meeting window.

💡 You can also click on the ‘Manage Participants’ option in the host control bar at the bottom of the window to see the participants in the waiting room.

The ‘Participants’ panel will open on the right side of the meeting window. At the top of the panel will be the list of people who are in the waiting room under the ‘…people are waiting’ section.

To admit a participant from the Waiting Room, hover the mouse cursor over the participant name and click on the ‘Admit’ button that appears next to their name.

If you know all participants in the waiting room, you can also admit all of them at once by clicking the ‘Admit All’ option next to the ‘…people are waiting’ line in the Participants panel.

It’s easy to manage people in the waiting room on Zoom. However, in case you find it troubling, you also disable waiting room in Zoom for a particular meeting or for all Zoom meeting by default.