Zoom Meetings

Record Zoom Meeting without Permission

How to Record a Zoom Meeting Without Permission From the Host

Need to record a class or lecture on Zoom for personal use? Try these screen recording tools

Search Chat Zoom

How to Search in Zoom Chat History

Search through chats with all your contacts on Zoom

Invite People to Zoom

How to Invite People to a Zoom Meeting

Two easy ways to invite people to your Zoom meeting

Zoom Polling

Zoom Polling: How to Create a Poll in Zoom Meetings

Use Polls in Zoom meetings to conduct quizzes, or opinion-polls

Zoom Whiteboard

How to Use Zoom Whiteboard

Use the Zoom Whiteboard to teach, or brainstorm in a Zoom meeting

Report Someone Zoom Meeting

How to Report a Participant in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting hosts can now report inappropriate behavior by any participant(s)

Turn Off Camera Zoom

How to Turn Off Camera on Zoom

Easily turn off your camera before entering or after joining a Zoom meeting

Zoom Recording Fix

FIX: Zoom “You cannot view this recording. No permission” Error

Unable to view a Zoom meeting recording? Ask the recording user to change sharing options

Zoom 5.0 Update

How to Download Zoom 5.0 Update

Install Zoom update 5.0 before May 30th or you won’t be able to join any Zoom meeting

Zoom Logo

How to Change your Name on Zoom

Zoom has taken over the world of video conferencing by storm. And rightly so. It’s easy to use, and setup….

Zoom Logo

How to Automatically Record a Zoom Meeting

So you can pay attention later

Zoom Logo

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting and Invite Others

So everyone can plan their calendar in advance

Zoom Logo

How to Change Zoom Background on iPhone and iPad

Change background in Zoom meetings to look like you are traipsing around the world, right from your home

Zoom meeting password

How to Find Zoom Meeting Password

To enter password protected Zoom meetings

Zoom Sign In

How to Join a Zoom Meeting without an Account

Zoom Web app now requires you to sign or sign up to join a Zoom meeting, but you can still join as guest using Zoom app on your computer or iPhone

Zoom Logo

How to Admit Someone in a Zoom Meeting from the Waiting Room List

Let in participants waiting to join your Zoom meeting

Zoom Waiting Room

How to Disable Waiting Room for Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Do this only if you’re sure there won’t be any uninvited participants in your Zoom meeting

Zoom 403 Forbidden Error

Zoom 403 Forbidden Error when Joining from Browser? Here’s Why

Are getting a ‘403 Forbidden’ error when trying to join a Zoom Meeting from the browser? If yes, then it’s…

How Does Zoom Attention Tracking Works

Does Zoom violate participants privacy when tracking attention?

How to Use Snap Camera Face Filters in Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom

Become a potato, an elf, a matzo ball, or something else by enabling Snap Camera filters in Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Lock Zoom Meeting

How to Lock a Zoom Meeting

To have a private moment before the attendees join