In our technology ridden world, emails happen to be an important part of us staying connected and being a part of the grid. But with emails, comes hand in hand the sad reality of spams. These emails overcrowd our inbox and sometimes important emails get lost in their mix. Even with Google’s algorithms in place to automatically mark spammy emails, a lot of them get filtered right into our inbox.

But it’s a good thing Google gives you the option to block an email address. So when you do that, all future emails from that address go straight to your spam box and never again make it to the light of the day, or better yet, your inbox.

Blocking an email address in Gmail app

To block an email address using the Gmail app, open the app on your phone. Then open the email from the sender whom you want to block. Click on the ellipses (…) next to the name of the sender.

In the pop-menu, you will see the option Block <sender name>. Tap on it.

Gmail app will show a confirmation message at the top of the screen along with a note that all future messages from this address will be marked as spam.

If you want to unblock them, you can do so by repeating the same steps.

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