Arc Browser has a lot of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the web with ease. But what's even better about these keyboard shortcuts is the fact that Arc offers a flexible approach, allowing you to tailor the keyboard shortcuts to your preferences.

You know how there are certain shortcuts that don't just sit right with you? Well, with Arc, you don't have to adjust to them.

Changing Arc Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing the keyboard shortcuts for the Arc browser and tailoring them to your preferences is a very simple process.

  1. Open Arc Settings by going to 'Arc' from the menu bar and selecting 'Settings' from the menu. You can also use the Cmd + , keyboard shortcut.
  1. Then, switch to the 'Shortcuts' tab in the settings window.
  1. The Shortcuts tab will show all the available shortcuts for the Arc Browser that can be customized. While most shortcuts will already have assigned keys, not all will; they appear with (- - -) on their right. However, it does not matter if the keys are assigned already or not, you can change all of them.
  1. Go to the shortcut you want to change or find it using the search bar; you can type either the shortcut (e.g., cmd n) or the name (e.g., new window) to find the key binding you're looking for.
  1. To change the assigned shortcut (or to create one for an unassigned one), select the box that shows the shortcut. It will be highlighted in blue. Now, press the new keys for the shortcut.
  1. If there are no other conflicting shortcuts, the key binding will be changed. Otherwise, a red exclamation mark will appear next to it.
  1. Click the red exclamation mark, and it'll take you to the conflicting shortcut. You can change the shortcut for this to end the conflict between the two. Customized shortcuts will appear toward the top of the list.
  1. You can also remove the conflicting shortcut by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Remove conflicting shortcut' from the options.
  1. To reset a shortcut, right-click on it. Then, select 'Reset shortcut to Default' from the options that appear.
  1. You can also remove any shortcut (customized or not) by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Remove shortcut' from the options.
  1. Choose to Prefer Website/ Arc: There are times when a website wants to use the same keyboard shortcut as the one that Arc Browser uses. In these cases, you can set your preference about which action you'd like to take priority. This has to be set for each shortcut individually, unfortunately.

    After selecting the shortcut whose behavior you want to configure, click on the drop-down option on the right.

It'll have three options. Choose 'Prefer Websites' if you'd like the website shortcut to be prioritized, 'Prefer Arc' if you'd like the Arc shortcut to be prioritized, or you can choose 'Use Both'. In this case, pressing the shortcut once works for the website, and pressing it twice (immediately) works for Arc.

Customizing keyboard shortcuts in Arc Browser can transform your browsing efficiency. By tailoring these shortcuts to fit your individual needs, you can optimize your navigation, making the browser more intuitive and responsive to your habits.