Google Docs is an efficient tool for creating documents. It helps you create and edit the documents without any restriction. You can create as many lengthy documents as you want. But if you have noticed, unlike the rest of the document processors, Google Docs doesn’t actively display the word count on the screen while you’re typing.

However, knowing word count is important since it helps you maintain the size of the document.

Checking Word Count

Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Word count’. Or you can simply press Ctrl + Shift + C keyboard shortcut to view word count in Google Docs.

Upon clicking, you can see the word count of your document which appears as a pop up on the screen.

However, you can save the trouble of opening a pop-up every time you want to check the word count. On the word count screen, there is a checkbox with the label ‘Display word count while typing’ click on it and press ‘OK’.

Once you click on ‘Ok’, a button appears on the bottom left corner with the label ‘View word count’. Simply click on that button every time you want to check the word count of your document.

With this simple trick, you can now keep track of the word count of your document.