Clipboard stores the data which you copy and can store up to 25 copies at once. It stores both text and images. It is useful to people who copy and paste multiple things at once and don’t want to toggle between windows.

The Clipboard feature has to be activated first to record items copied to clipboard. The data stored on clipboard is automatically cleared when you restart the system except for the ones pinned to it. Records pinned to the Clipboard have to be removed separately.

Clearing Clipboard Data

Right-click on the Windows icon on the extreme right of the toolbar.

In Windows Settings, click on ‘System’, the first option.

Once you are in the system settings, scroll down the menu and click on the Clipboard option.

You will have multiple options on this page, including activating and deactivating Clipboard history. To remove the Clipboard history from the system, click the ‘Clear’.

Voila, your clipboard history is now clear.