Windows 10

Windows 10

FIX: Clock Watchdog Timeout Error in Windows 10

Imagine you are working on an important project and the computer suddenly crashes with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)…


How to Use Microsoft Defender Antivirus from Command Line on Windows 10

Learn how to run a virus scan from the command line using Microsoft Defender on Windows 10


FIX: Bad System Config Info (BSOD Error) in Windows 10

Life isn’t a smooth ride, when all seems to be going well, you bump right into a problem. The same…


How to Change Desktop Icon Font Color in Windows 10

Desktop icon font color is one of the important aspects for every user which has not been given enough consideration…

Font in document

How to Change Default Font on Windows 10

Bored with the default font on Windows 10 and want to spice things up with some creative and appealing font?…

Windows 10

FIX: Igdumdim64.dll Error in Windows 10

Igdumdim64.dll, a part of Intel HD Graphics Driver, is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file that was first released with…

Administrator account computer

FIX: Can’t Run as Administrator on Windows 10

Many programs on your computer to be run as administrator for various tasks. There are times when the feature doesn’t…

How to Delete Junk Files in Windows 10

You can delete the junk files on your computer using the various built-in programs and features in Windows 10 within a couple of minutes.

USB Device

How to Find Which USB Device is Making Connecting/Disconnecting Sounds

Have you ever come across a situation where your computer is making random USB connecting/disconnecting sounds and you cannot detect…

Windows Startup Folder

How to Locate and Access Windows 10 Startup Folder

You can easily open the Windows 10 Startup Folder using the ‘Run’ command or through the ‘Task Manager’.

Linux Computer

How to Use Linux Terminal in Windows 10

You can now access most of the Linux command-line utilities and applications on top of Windows 10 OS using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


How to Change Default Starting Directory in Windows Terminal

Released in 2019, Windows Terminal is a new, fast, and powerful multi-tabbed command-line application developed specifically for Windows 10 users….

How to Stop Microphone Auto Adjusting in Windows 10

Windows 10 is probably the most advanced of the OS. It offers several customizing options that benefit a large section…

User folder

How to Rename User Folder in Windows 10

Change or rename the user folder in Windows 10 from either hacking your way through Registry Editor OR by simply replacing your current account with a new admin account.


How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana, a voice-activated digital assistant, is one of the standout features in Windows 10. It’s similar to Siri on Apple…

Text to speech computer

How to Turn Off Text to Speech in Windows 10

Text to speech, also known as Narrator in Windows 10, is a tool that reads out loud the text on…

Recover file

How to Use WINFR to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10

WINFR, short for Windows File Recovery, is a command used in the Windows File Recovery command-line app to recover deleted…

Date and Time Computer

How to Remove Time and Date from Taskbar in Windows 10

Windows show the time and date on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to let you keep track of…

Microsoft Edge

How to Get Rid of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has come a long way from being mediocre browser to a good one. There is still a room…

Teams Black screen

FIX: Microsoft Teams Black Screen Issue

Microsoft Teams is one of the most advanced platforms of its kind. It offers several options and has a simple…


How to Play Music Through Mic on Windows 10

If you are wondering whether it is possible to play music through the mic on your Windows 10 PC —…