With the convenience of web apps, most things that used to have a standalone app locally on the computer can now be accessed simply through your computer's browser.

Though the convenience came at a cost, more browser-based app access meant more tabs, translating into more clutter. However, every major browser has introduced the tab grouping feature to declutter the mess and offer a better user experience.

As the name suggests, tab groups allow you to easily club together homogenous tabs to organize everything and make it easy to find a tab from 50 other tabs.

To enjoy the convenience of tab groups thoroughly, you can also save them in Chrome and open them up later if and when required again.

But before we jump into saving some tab groups, let’s get a quick refresher on creating tab groups first.

How to Create a Tab Group in Chrome

Creating a tab group in Chrome is a cakewalk. It is fast, easy, and simple. Moreover, in terms of effort, most will go into identifying the tabs to group together rather than creating one for them.

From the opened tabs in Chrome, right-click on one of the tabs you wish to add to a group. Next, click to choose the ‘Add tab to a new group’ option.

Next, you'll need to enter a name for the tab group. Type in an appropriate name for the tab group and hit Enter on your keyboard to confirm.

Technically, the tab group is created, but a group needs to have more than one entity.

Thus, from all the currently opened Chrome tabs, right-click on the one you wish to add to the group you created. Next, hover over the ‘Add tab to the group’ option and then click on the tab group name to add the tab.

And that’s it; you have successfully created a tab group in Chrome. Repeat the last step to add more tabs to the group.

How to Save Tab Groups in Chrome

At the time of this writing (29th March 2024), Chrome's Save Tab Group feature is available as an experimental feature and can be enabled only through the Chrome Flags menu.

Enabling ‘Tab Groups Save’ experimental flag in Chrome

To get started, launch the Chrome browser from the desktop, Start Menu, or the launchpad of your respective device.

After that, type or copy+paste the following address in the Chrome address bar and hit Enter.


Then, locate the ‘Tab Groups Save’ option from the list and click on the following drop-down menu. Next, click the ‘Enabled’ option to enable it for the browser on the device.

You might need to relaunch the Chrome browser to enable the feature for the changes to take effect. Click the ‘Relaunch’ button present at the bottom right corner of the Chrome window to do so.

Saving Tab Groups in Chrome

Saving a tab group in Chrome isn’t rocket science. The process only asks for a single click from your side once you have enabled the feature from Chrome Flags.

To save a Tab Group in Chrome, right-click on the currently opened Tab Group name and then Turn on the toggle switch next to the ‘Save group’ option to save it for later use.

And that’s it, folks, the tab group you created is now saved, and you can quickly access it later if you close the group or even when you close and reopen Chrome.

How to Access Saved Tab Groups in Chrome

Chrome allows you to quickly open the saved tab groups if you close the group and wish to revisit it later or if you have relaunched Chrome.

To access Saved tab groups, launch the Chrome browser from your respective device's desktop, Start Menu, or Launchpad.

Next, click the downward arrow icon next to the minimize button. Then, locate your tab group from the ‘Recently closed’ section and click on it to open the tab group again.

Saving Tab groups in Chrome should significantly help boost productivity for many users. Casual users can also save open Chrome tabs by quickly creating a group and saving it.