In the latest version of Chrome, there’s a new Chrome Profile picker/manager screen that pops-up when you launch the browser. It’s set to show on startup by default, but you can change that within the selector window.

Chrome profiles aren’t new and the good ol’ profile picker button next to the address bar still works the same, but the addition of this new interface for Chrome profiles that shows up every time you launch Chrome shall make it easier for the less savvy among us to begin using profiles. It helps when you share your computer with others or simply want to create different profiles for work and personal stuff.

However, the pop-up to select a Chrome profile every time you open the browser can be annoying to those who, although, have added multiple profiles, use just one for most purposes. Thankfully, you can easily disable the ‘Chrome Profile’ manager window from showing on startup.

To disable the Chrome Profile selector window from launching at startup, all you have to do is untick the checkbox right before ‘Show on startup’ at the bottom-right corner of it.

After uniticking the startup option, you can select the profile that you want to use and go about your business. The Chrome Profile window will no longer show everytime you launch the browser.

You could also just close the Chrome Profile window by clicking on the ‘Close’ icon at the top-right corner and continue using Google Chrome with the profile you last used in the browser.

If you ever wish to enable it back on startup, or just want to access the new Chrome Profile manager interface, then click on the icon of the currently active Profile next to the address bar followed by the ‘Manage People’ gear icon to open the new profile picker interface.