Camera quality and clarity are two of the factors that Apple pays minute attention to. The picture quality of one clicked on iPhone is way better than another phone with similar camera specs. However, there are users who don’t use the iPhone camera at all. Also, the camera launches when you swipe from right to left on the lock screen which could be annoying to many.

In this article, we would discuss how to disable the camera on iPhone and remove the app from the home screen and the lock screen shortcut as well. This can be done from the ‘Screen Time’ setting on your iPhone. Screen time is used to track and check the usage of various apps. Also, you can set the controls on your kid’s iPhone as well to limit their usage.

Screen time is an amazing user-oriented feature and can be used for disabling other apps as well. If you disable a particular app, it wouldn’t affect the other installed apps or the functioning of your iPhone.

Screen time also allows you to set a separate passcode so that others cannot change the settings even if they get access to your iPhone.

Disabling Camera with Screen Time on iPhone

The whole process may seem a bit intricate to those who are not versed with the concept of ‘Screen Time’ but once you get used to it, it wouldn’t take more than a minute.

First, launch the system ‘Settings’ by tapping the icon on iPhone homescreen.

Next, locate and select the ‘Screen Time’ setting from the list of options.

If the ‘Screen Time’ setting is disabled, you will have to turn it on by tapping on the ‘Turn On Screen Time’ option at the top. In case, it is already enabled, you wouldn’t find the option and can simply move to the next step.

Once screen time is enabled, a lot of options will be displayed on the screen. Tap ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’ from the list.

Before you disable the camera using ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ settings, you will first have to enable it. To enable the setting, tap on the toggle next to the option at the top.

After enabling the setting, locate the ‘Allowed Apps’ option and tap on it to disable the camera.

You will now see a list of apps on the screen with a toggle next to each to disable them. Locate the ‘Camera’ app in the list and then tap on the toggle next to it. After it has been disabled, the color of the toggle changes from green to light grey.

The app is no more available on the home screen, neither can you access it by swiping left on the lock screen.

Enabling Passcode to Secure Screen Time Settings

Once you have set the screen time settings, anyone who gets a hand on your iPhone when it’s unlocked can easily modify the settings. To tackle this, you can set a four-digit passcode to access the screen time settings.

To set a passcode, scroll down on the screen time settings page and select ‘Use Screen Time Passcode’.

You will now be required to enter a four-digit passcode. Always enter a passcode that isn’t easy to guess and is different from the ones that you might have set on other devices to enhance security. As soon as you enter the passcode, you will automatically be redirected to the next screen.

On the next screen, you are supposed to reenter the passcode that you entered earlier.

After you have entered the passcode twice, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password which will come in handy, in case you forget the passcode. Once you have entered the required details in the provided section, tap on ‘OK’ at the top-right corner.

This step is optional and can also be skipped by clicking on ‘Cancel’ at the top-left corner.

Voila! You have successfully disabled the camera on your iPhone and even set a passcode for the settings.