Over the years, Google has launched several messaging applications, both for desktop and mobile platforms. These include Google Talk, Hangouts, Google Allo, and more. While most of these apps did not last very long, that does not mean the search giant has stopped trying to create the perfect messaging app.

Its latest offering, Google Chat, has been available for some time now. Moreover, it is quite popular too, both for personal and professional communication requirements. Like its competitors, Chat allows you to send text messages, images, and other files.

You can also edit and delete sent messages, which can be quite handy if you've mistyped something or sent a message to the wrong person. Here is how you can do so.

On Desktop

If you are using a web browser to access Google Chat on a desktop system, these are the steps you need to follow to edit or delete your messages.

Editing Messages

Editing or deleting messages in Google Chat is very simple and fast, and you can even download edited messages from your Google Account.

  1. Open Google Chat on your desktop and go to the chat where you want to edit a previously sent message.
  2. Hover your cursor over the chat message you want to edit, and you will see various icons, including a small pencil icon. Click on this icon.
  1. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit your message and resend it.
  1. Type in your new message and then click on the 'Update' button below it to send the edited message.
  1. Your edited message will be sent, and a small notification will appear on top of it stating that the message has been edited.

Deleting Messages

You can delete a message in Google Chat in a similar manner, except that the option to delete it is not visible directly.

  1. With your Google Chat open, hover on the message you want to delete to view various icons that let you perform additional actions.
  2. Click on the three dots that appear on the right of the other icons.
  1. You will now have access to a few more options. Scroll down to the 'Delete' option and click on it to delete the message.
  1. Google Chat will ask you to confirm you want to delete the message. Click on the 'Delete' button again to proceed.
  1. Your message will be deleted and you will see a notification regarding the same in the chat window. This will also be visible to the other person(s) in the conversation.

Now, you know how to edit and delete messages when using Google Chat on a desktop browser. Let's see how to do so on your mobile devices now.

On Mobile

Whether you are using Google Chat on your mobile device through the Gmail app or have downloaded the dedicated Chat app, the process of editing and deleting messages is the same.

Editing Messages

  1. Open Google Chat and go to the chat where you want to edit messages.
  2. Select the message to be edited by pressing and holding. This will show you the actions you can perform regarding the selected message.
  1. Tap on the 'Edit' option at the very top to edit your selected message.
  2. You can now edit the message as needed.
  1. Once you are done editing the message, tap on the small arrow next to it to send it.
  2. After the message is sent, Google Chat will show that the message has been edited, similar to the desktop version.

That's it! You've edited your message in Google Chat using your mobile device.

Deleting Messages

The option to delete a sent message in Google Chat can be found in the same place from where you can edit a message.

  1. In the chat window, press and hold the message you want to delete to bring up the additional actions.
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom, where you will find the 'Delete' option. Tap on it to delete the selected message.
  1. Google Chat will ask you to confirm you want to delete the message. Tap on the 'Delete' button to confirm the deletion.
  2. When the message is deleted, all participants in the chat will see a notification that the message has been deleted.
Note: Once you edit a message in Google Chat, it is not possible to go back to the original message or a previous edit. However, the original message may be visible in chat notifications. Additionally, you cannot recover a message after deleting it since it is removed from your Google account permanently.

Allowing users to edit and delete sent messages is crucial for any messaging platform to succeed. However, the process of editing and deletion should be simple and fast as well, as users do not want complicated procedures to perform such simple tasks.

Google Chat offers these features while also making them easy to use on all devices, as we've explained above. You only need to remember that any edits or deletions made are permanent, so be careful when using them.