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Group Chat

What Happens When You Leave a Room/ Group Chat in Google Chat

Before you leave a room/ group chat, it’s important to know your options thereafter.

Delete chat

How to Turn Off History in Google Chat and Have it Automatically Delete New Messages

Keep your conversations leak proof by turning off chat history in Google Chat so any new messages are automatically deleted within 24 hours.

Google Chat

How to Hide and Unhide Conversations in Google Chat

Google Chat was released in the year 2017 and has gained tremendous popularity since its launch. One of the prime…

Google Chat

How to Quote and Reply to a Specific Message in Google Chat

Google Chat is a service from Google that enables you to communicate with your contacts. Using the ‘rooms’ feature in…

Google Chat

How to Install Google Chat App on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux

Google Chat is available as a web app that you can install on system

Google Chat

How to Enable Google Chat on any Gmail Account

Upgrade from Hangouts to Google Chat from any Gmail account without paying for Google Workspace