Google Chat


How to Use Emojis in Google Chat

Quickly insert and use emojis in Google Chat with these handy tips.

Unread Chat Message Notification

How to Mark a Message as Unread in Google Chat

Google Chat finally has this basic but useful feature now.

Save Message

How to Save Messages in Google Chat

Forward your messages to ‘Star’ or ‘Save’ them on Google Chat

Popup Window

How to Open Multiple Google Chats as Pop-ups

Pop-out up to 5 chats on your computer’s Google Chat window.

Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chat

Save your eyes from burning out when working in the wee hours with Dark Mode in Google Chat.

File Sharing

How to Share Files in Google Chat

Google Chat allows users to share documents and files from Google Drive or the local computer to individuals, groups, and chat rooms.


How to Enable or Disable Google Chat Dark Mode

Use dark mode in Google Chat instead of harming your eyes when chatting late at night.

Google Chat

Google Chat Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Using Google Chat in your daily life? Well, here’s a compilation of Google Chat tips and tricks you must know about.

Group chat

How to Create, Join and Use Google Chat Spaces

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of features available in Google Chat Spaces? Need a quick and easy guide? Well, you have just been served!

Chat notifications

How to Create, View, and Edit Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides in a Google Chat Room

Google launched a range of new collaboration features in the name of ‘smart canvas’, for its Workspace apps including Docs,…

How to Search in Google Chat

With Google Chat replacing Hangouts, a new user interface came with many features that were not available before. ‘Search’ in…

Chat notifications

How to Fix “Unable to Connect to Chat” Error in Google Chat

Applications tend to get stuck in their regular functioning from time to time. The heavy load of cache and other…

Chat icons

Can you Edit or Delete a Message on Google Chat?

It’s not a yes or no answer. Rather it’s a yes and no!


How to Quickly Schedule and Share a Google Calendar Meeting in Google Chat

In a workplace, it is very important to plan and schedule your meetings beforehand. It gives your employees a heads-up…

Chat notifications

How to Disable Google Chat Notifications in Gmail

Google Chat is now fully integrated with Gmail on both Mobile and Desktop devices. If you are one of those…

Chat notification iPhone

How to Mute Google Chat Notifications

Do not let your Google chat notification hamper your productivity. Learn to mute notifications in Google Chat in just a few steps!

Google Chat in Gmail

How to Enable or Disable Google Chat in Gmail

Google Chat is one of the finest chat services available on the web. Now, Google has integrated Google Chat with…

Group Chat

What Happens When You Leave a Room/ Group Chat in Google Chat

Before you leave a room/ group chat, it’s important to know your options thereafter.

Delete chat

How to Turn Off History in Google Chat and Have it Automatically Delete New Messages

Keep your conversations leak proof by turning off chat history in Google Chat so any new messages are automatically deleted within 24 hours.

Google Chat

How to Hide and Unhide Conversations in Google Chat

Google Chat was released in the year 2017 and has gained tremendous popularity since its launch. One of the prime…

Google Chat

How to Quote and Reply to a Specific Message in Google Chat

Google Chat is a service from Google that enables you to communicate with your contacts. Using the ‘rooms’ feature in…

Google Chat

How to Install Google Chat App on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux

Google Chat is available as a web app that you can install on system

Google Chat

How to Enable Google Chat on any Gmail Account

Upgrade from Hangouts to Google Chat from any Gmail account without paying for Google Workspace