How to Edit Recordings in Voice Memos on iPhone

How to Edit Recordings in Voice Memos on iPhone

Voice Memos on iPhone are truly an asset. Whether you’re professional recording interviews, an artist recording their come-and-go creative ideas, a student recording the lectures, or someone who’s just having some fun – you can do it all with the Voice Memos app. You can record, download, and share the voice memos very easily.

But one of the reasons it truly transcends all other audio recording apps is its feature to allow users to edit previously recorded memos and that too with complete ease. The voice recordings are completely editable; you can easily replace any part of a recording, trim or delete a section, or add further to any saved recording.

Open a Voice Memo in Editing Mode

Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone to get started. The app lists all your saved recordings on the device as soon as it opens. Find the recording you want to edit and tap on it.

When you tap a recording, a UI will expand underneath it. Along with play, and delete options, there will be a ‘More’ option (three dots) on the left. Tap on it.

A pop-up menu will appear on the screen. Choose the ‘Edit Recording’ option from the menu and the editing screen will open.

How to resume recording on an existing Voice Memo

When you tap the ‘Edit Recording’ option, the editing screen will open. A blue playhead will indicate the current position on the waveform.

In the editing mode, the recording is displayed as a waveform with a blue playhead indicating the current position.

Drag the Playhead to the end of the recording. The ‘Resume’ option will be visible on the screen when the playhead is at the end of the memo. Tap on it to add further to the recording.

Add to a previously recorded memo using the Resume button in the edit mode.

Tap on the ‘Pause’ icon when you’re done, and then tap ‘Done’ at the lower-right corner of the screen to exit the editing mode and save the changes.

Note: You can only add to the end of any recording. You cannot add to the middle or the starting of a recording without replacing the previous.

How to Replace Part of a Voice Memo

In the editing screen, swipe the waveform left or right until the blue playhead is placed at the beginning of the part that you want to replace. You can also play the recording to determine whether you are in the correct position or not.

Once the playhead is at the correct position, tap on the ‘Replace’ button at the bottom of the screen and start recording. Tap on the ‘Pause’ icon to stop the replacement of the rest of the recording when you are finished. Tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Replace previously recorded sections of the memo.

How to Trim or Delete Part of a Voice Memo

In the editing mode, tap the ‘Trim’ button (a square with extended lines and dots) on the upper right of the recording.

Use the trim button to trim or delete parts of the voice memo.

A trim slider with yellow handles will appear on each end of the memo in the lower recording graph. Drag the trim slider to select the part of the recording. The slider can be adjusted from both ends so you can select the section of the memo you want to precisely.

To trim the memo, place the left handle of the slider at the part from where you want the memo to begin, and the right handle where you want it to end. Then, tap the ‘Trim’ button. Only the memo within the slider will remain and rest will be deleted.

Trim a voice recording using the trim button and eliminate unnecessary parts of the memo.

Tap on ‘Save’ at the upper right corner to save the edited memo, and ‘Cancel’ at the upper-left corner to undo the trim.

You can use the ‘Delete’ option instead of the trim if you want to delete a section from the middle of the memo while keeping the rest of it or delete multiple sections of the memo. Place the part of the memo you want to delete within the yellow slider, and tap the ‘Delete’ button. It will delete the section you selected from the rest of the memo. Tap on the ‘Save’ button to save the edited recording and ‘Cancel’ to undo the delete.

Delete any section of a voice memo using the Delete button in the trim feature.


Voice Memos on iPhone are a true blessing. The app has eliminated the need for dictaphones or other specialized recording devices, and for good measure. With Voice memos, you can’t just record using the in-built microphone of your iPhone, but you can also edit the memos that you record. The editing feature on the app is not only user-friendly but is also packing a lot of top-notch features.