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How to Enable “Low Data Mode” on iPhone for Mobile Data and WiFi

One of the new features in iOS 13 is the “Low Data Mode” to help iPhone users limit data usage over Mobile Data or selected WiFi networks. Enabling Low Data Mode pauses various automatic download and uploads such as Photos sync and similar background data consuming services.


❓ How “Low Data Mode” works on iPhone

You can enable Low Data Mode for both Mobile/Cellular Data and specific WiFi networks. When the option is enabled, a number of automatic updates are paused on your iPhone. It’s not a universal setting for your iPhone.

Low Data Mode is to be enabled separately for each Cellular/Data Plan and WiFi network saved on your iPhone.

It’s particularly helpful when you are connecting to a WiFi network that is actually a hotspot from a mobile device. Enabling “Low Data Mode” for such a network would help reduce unnecessary data usage such as auto-uploading of photos, auto-updating apps from the App Store and many more services which automatically downloads/uploads data when connected to a WiFi network.

📶 Enable Low Data Mode for a Cellular/Data Plan

To enable “Low Data Mode” on iPhone, go to “Settings”, tap “Cellular or Mobile Data”, and then tap “Cellular or Mobile Data Options”.


Look for the “Low Data Mode” option on the screen, and turn it on to start saving on data usage by your iPhone.

Enabling “Low Data Mode” on a Dual SIM iPhone

If you use an iPhone with Dual SIM support, you can individually enable “Low Data Mode” for each Data Plan on your device. Go to “Settings”, tap “Cellular or Mobile Data”, then select the Data Plan for which you wish to enable Low Data Mode.

At the bottom of the selected data plan’s options screen, you’ll see the “Low Data Mode” option. Turn it on to reduce data usage on the select data plan.

Enable “Low Data Mode” for a WiFi network on iPhone

You can enable “Low Data Mode” for all saved WiFi networks on your iPhone. Go to “Settings”, select “Wi-Fi” and tap on the “circular ℹ icon” next to the WiFi network name for which you like to enable “Low Data Mode”.

Look for the “Low Data Mode” option on the next screen, and turn it on to reduce data usage by apps when connected to the selected network.


You’ll see a “Low Data Mode” label under WiFi settings below the network name when you’re connected to a network which has “Low Data Mode” option enabled.

We hope the instructions above helped you enable “Low Data Mode” for Mobile Data and specific WiFi networks on your iPhone.

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