Along with significant UI and under-the-hood updates, iOS 17 also introduces small but handy updates, and the 'iPhone is too close' screen alert is one of them.

The feature alerts you if you have been viewing the screen from a very close distance for an extended period. Apple says it brings down the risk of developing myopia in kids.

However, before you enable or disable the option on your or your younger ones' iPhones, it is better to understand the feature in detail.

What is the 'Screen Distance' Feature, and How it Works?

As mentioned previously, the primary function of the 'Screen Distance' feature is to ensure that you are not viewing your phone screen too close for a longer time.

Apple states no official time, but if your iPhone screen is closer to less than 12 inches from your face for five or more minutes, the warning might pop on your screen.

Whenever your iPhone detects it is too close to your eyes for an extended period, a full-screen alert interrupts your current task and appears on the screen, asking you to maintain some distance. (See the screenshot below.)

The alert will cover your screen, and the button will be greyed out until you have moved the iPhone farther away.

Only once you have moved it farther away from your face will you see the button change color, and you can tap it to resume the task at hand.

The TrueDepth camera on the front of your iPhone detects the distance and your attention (it is also used for FaceID). This health feature is designed to reduce the risk of Myopia in the long term and eye strain for all users.

The setting for the 'Screen Distance' feature is very conveniently placed under the 'Screen Time' settings.

Toggle the 'iPhone is Too Close' Screen Alert from Settings

First, head to the Settings app from the Home Screen or the App Library.

Then, locate and tap on the 'Screen Time' tile to proceed.

After that, scroll down and tap on the 'Screen Distance' tile.

If you are enabling the feature for the first time, you will receive an information window. Click on 'Continue' to proceed.

After that, tap on the 'Turn On Screen Distance' button to enable it.

If you are not here for the first time, tap on the toggle to enable it.

In case you are here to disable it, tap on the toggle to turn it off. You will no longer receive a warning when you hold the iPhone too close.

Newer features are always welcome, especially when they cater to the betterment of health. Use the 'Screen Distance' feature to ensure you are not straining your eyes more than necessary.