If you’ve ever coveted Mac’s iconic startup sound and wanted one on your iPhone, you are in luck. Although it’s not the same sound, there is a hidden Startup sound feature on the new iPhone 14 lineup that you can easily enable/disable.

The feature is only available on the iPhones 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, though. If you were hoping to get it on one of the older models with the iOS 16 update, you’re in for a disappointment. There has been no such addition to the older models yet. And it looks like there might not be one as it seems the sound is programmed into the chip itself rather than the OS as it is not running at these points.

If you have one of the models from the iPhone 14 lineup and wondered if it was just a rumor when you didn’t hear the sound on turning your iPhone on or off, it’s because it’s an optional feature. And it isn’t enabled by default.

Full disclosure: it is an accessibility feature. Essentially, it can let people with vision disabilities know when their phone turns on or off. Without the sound, the only way to know when the iPhone has turned on is with the Apple logo. And the only way to know when it turns off is the black screen. But anyone can enable it.

To enable the sound, open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to ‘Accessibility’.

Then, tap the option for ‘Audio/ Visual’.

Now, turn the toggle on for ‘Power On & Off Sounds’.

To disable the sound again, simply turn off the toggle. Since you first have to enable it, if you never did, you don’t have to worry about disabling it.

The sound may not be as iconic as the one in Macs, but it’s a nice change. Maybe Apple will change the sound in the future or offer users different options to select one themselves.