There are some browsing sessions that we like to keep private. Incognito mode comes in handy in these situations. With Incognito mode, your browser does not save your browsing details. It doesn’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, and your AutoFill information. The details of the websites you visit also aren’t shared with your other devices.

Whether you use Safari, Chrome, or any other browser on your iPhone, going incognito and enabling private browsing is easy. Here’s how to do it.

Going Incognito in Safari on iPhone

If you use Apple’s Safari browser on your iPhone, follow these steps to enable private browsing. Open Safari on your iPhone.

Then, tap the ‘Tabs’ button.

Tap the ‘[N] tabs’ or ‘Start Page’ option at the bottom.

The Tabs Group menu will open. Select ‘Private’ from the options.

Then, tap ‘Done’ in the bottom-right corner.

You can also enable private browsing by tapping and holding the ‘Tabs’ button. Then, select ‘Private’ from the context menu.

You can see that Private Browsing mode is on from the Safari address bar. In the incognito mode, it appears black or dark gray instead of white or light gray.

To turn off private browsing, simply repeat the same steps. Either tap and hold the ‘Tabs’ button and select ‘[N] tabs’ from the menu.

Or tap the ‘Tabs’ button. Then, tap ‘Private’ at the bottom of the screen.

Select ‘[N] Tabs’ and then tap ‘Done’.

Before switching back to normal browsing, remember to close your tabs or they’ll still be open in incognito mode when you switch back.

Going Incognito in Chrome on iPhone

If you prefer to use Chrome on your iPhone, here’s how you can go incognito in the Chrome browser.

Open Chrome and tap the ‘three-dot’ menu icon at the bottom right.

Then select ‘New Incognito Tab’ from the context menu.

You can also tap the ‘Tab’ icon from the bottom toolbar.

Then, tap the ‘Incognito’ icon from the top.

To return to normal browsing, tap the tabs icon.

Or, select ‘New Tab’ from the three-dot menu. Before returning to normal browsing, remember to close your private tabs.

Going incognito is a great way of protecting your browsing privacy when you share a device with other people. But remember that your activity might still be visible to your internet service provider or your school/ organization if you’re using their network.