A Canva design has a lot of separate elements. And the fact that these elements are separate is super helpful at times. But other times, it becomes the bane of your existence. Whether you want to move some elements or re-size them, doing so individually for each separate element can drive a person crazy. And especially while designing something, when you move things around a million times to get the right position.

Can you imagine the frenzy of trying to preserve the perfect ratio while increasing or decreasing the size of the text that are separate elements? Or trying to move them all separately and keep the alignment and spacing intact? It’ll take some tries, to say the least.

Fortunately, Canva has a feature to group elements together, so you can move and re-size them all in one go while maintaining the perfect ratio and spacing and alignment, etc. You get the gist.

Grouping Elements in Canva

Grouping elements in Canva is rather straightforward. Select the elements you want to group. You can select multiple elements by either clicking and dragging your cursor across them. Or press and hold the Shift key and click each element while holding it down.

The elements will appear in blue lines, solid and dotted: The individual elements will be in solid lines, and the group they’ll form will be in dotted lines.

A new toolbar with editing options specific to these elements will appear above the design page. Click the ‘Group’ button on the right of the toolbar.

If you can’t find the Group option on the toolbar, it’s probably because your left panel is expanded. Click the ‘More’ option (three-dot icon) in this case.

A secondary toolbar will appear underneath the first. Click the ‘Group’ button now.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Cmd + G (On Mac) or Ctrl + G (On Windows) to group the selected elements.

Once the elements are grouped, you can move and re-size them in one fell swoop or do whatever your reason was for grouping them in the first place. Then, you can leave them be or ungroup them to return them to their former state.

Ungrouping them again will make it easier to apply other design choices like font, color, animations, etc. To ungroup them, select the element and click the ‘Ungroup’ button from the element toolbar.

That’s all there is to grouping elements in Canva. But trust us, this simple feature can go a long way in making your life easy while designing.