How to Create an Amazing Instagram Story Using Canva

Create aesthetic, on-brand stories every time with Canva

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How to Create a Mockup using Canva Smartmockups

Create a product mockup design for any image in a matter of seconds

How to Flip Text in Canva

Although there is no direct way for flipping text in Canva, this quick workaround works like a charm.

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How to Use Magic Commands in Canva

Use magic commands to enter any elements to your design in a jiffy with your keyboard.


How to Download a Picture or Design from Canva

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and share your Canva designs anywhere after downloading them.


How to Print from Canva Using Your Personal Printer

From designing to printing, Canva makes it extremely easy.

Portrait Painting

How to Use Paint Effects on Canva

Virtually turn an image or any design into an almost perfect painting

Resize Design

How to Resize a Design in Canva

Resize your designs to fit any dimension on Canva now!

Color Picker

How to Use Color Picker in Canva

Wave the magical color picker to pick any color in seconds.

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What are Canva Smart Mockups and How to Use it?

Create realistic products with the image or design of your choice in minutes!


How to Draw in Canva

You can now free-hand draw on Canva with the Draw app!

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How to Use and Integrate Apps on Canva

Integrate your favorite apps on Canva and push your design to a new level!

Shadow Effect

How to Use Canva Shadow Effect

Add shadows to make 2D images three dimensional.

Color Blindness

How to Use Color-Blind Filters on Canva

Canva’s integrated app Adee, helps apply color-blind filters with it’s feature, the Vision Simulator

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How to Remove Background in Canva

Learn how to use the background remover feature in Canva and some creative ways to use it, too.

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How to Cancel Canva Subscription

Easily cancel your Canva Pro subscription if it isn’t your cup of tea anymore


How to Add Gradient Color to Text in Canva

Don’t let the lack of a gradient effect for text in Canva stop you.

Canva Margins

How to Use Margins in Canva

Use Margins in Canva and never lose important design elements to the printing press.

Content plan

How to Use Canva Content Planner

Plan your content weeks, even months, in advance and save time while publishing it with the Content Planner


How to Create an Ebook in Canva

Design and create your next bestseller with Canva’s eBook creation tools

Presentation online

How to Create a Talking Presentation in Canva using ‘Present and Record’ Feature

Cannot present in a live session? No worries, pre-record your presentations with Canva’s Talking Presentations.

Canva Frame

How to Add a Photo Frame in Canva

Add your images and videos in unique shapes to your designs with frames.

Crop Photo

How to Crop a Photo in Canva

Crop out the parts of the photo you don’t want to use.

Canva Outline

How to Outline Text in Canva

Outline important text in your Canva designs for a greater impact.