Microsoft Word has been our go-to word processor for years. It offers a lot more features than most of the options available in the market, and the interface is simple and quick. Furthermore, it was one the first to be launched and people are already oriented, thus they avoid switching to others.

The features available on Microsoft Word can be used by users, both for personal and professional work. One such feature used by people to create forms is ‘Checkbox’. We have all come across checkboxes on various forms that we fill online or offline. Checkboxes allow users to answer questions simply by selecting an option rather than typing the whole thing.

Inserting a Checkbox in Microsoft Word

To insert a checkbox in Microsoft Word, you first need to add the ‘Developer’ tab.

Enabling the Developer Tab

To enable the ‘Developer’ tab, open the document where you want to add a checkbox and then click on ‘File’ at the top-right corner.

Next, select ‘Options’, which is the last option in the menu at the left.

Select the ‘Customize Ribbon’ section at the left and then go to the ‘Customize the Ribbon’ option at the right. The ‘Main Tabs’ option is selected by default. Look for ‘Developer’ in the options under ‘Main Tabs’, and then select the checkbox right behind it. Next, click on ‘OK’ at the bottom to enable the ‘Developer’ tab.

The ‘Developer’ tab will not visible in the ribbon at the top of Microsoft Word.

Adding the Checkbox

After you have added the ‘Developer’ tab, select it from the top and then click on the ‘Check Box Content Control’ option in the options group to add a checkbox. The checkbox will be added wherever the cursor is placed when you select the option. If you want to add the checkbox before a subject, place the cursor behind it, and then select the checkbox option at the top.

You can similarly add checkboxes to as many places. All you have to do is place the cursor at the required position and then select the checkbox option.

The main purpose of a checkbox is to select one or multiple options from a list. To tick/cross a checkbox in Microsoft Word, just click on it and you will see that it has been marked.

Now that you have read the article, you can easily add checkboxes to Microsoft Word to create a form or any other suitable document.