Microsoft Word is definitely one the most widely used software around the world. People of various ages and professions use the app or tool for work every day. But while staying engrossed in tedious tasks, forgetting the simple stuff is not uncommon.

The process to insert a horizontal line in Word is super simple and can be done in seconds. If you’ve forgotten how to add lines in Word, this guide will simplify the problem.

Draw & Insert Line in a Word Document

Inserting a horizontal line in a word document is essential for formatting. It helps to show divisions between different sections of text and also adds a visual appeal.

First, look for the ‘Insert’ tab in the top panel. Click on it and then select select ‘Shapes’ from the next menu. From the list of options, select the line that meets your requirements.

Next, select an area in the document where you want a horizontal line. Now click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to where you want the line to end.

It’ll draw a simple line in the style you chose in the previous steps.

Insert a Line with Auto Format

Drawing in a line in Microsoft Word is easy but using the AutoFormat feature is easier. To insert a line using this method, use any of the text combinations below and press enter.

For example, type in three consecutive hyphens and press enter to insert a horizontal line.

Now you can easily insert a line in Word and format documents as per requirements. Make school projects and office presentations with ease and confidence.