If you are even remotely social on digital platforms, you have probably heard of the ‘Wordle’ game and probably already fallen in love with the game. In this digital age, the foremost reaction of all of us when we like a game or a service is to download its app. However, unlike many, Wordle is a website and does not have a standalone app for Android or iOS.

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Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy workaround to that problem and it will let you access the Wordle game just like an app on your mobile phone. The process is very simple and hardly requires a minute of your time.

Adding Wordle as a Web App on your iPhone

Adding a web app on the home screen of your iPhone is as plain sailing as it gets. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will be done before you realize it.

First, open the ‘Safari’ browser either from the home screen or from the app library of your iPhone.

Next, head to the powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. Once the website loads up completely, tap on the ‘Share button’ present on the bottom section of your screen. This will open an overlay menu on your screen.

Now, from the overlay menu, scroll down to locate and tap on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option present in the list.

Then, on the next screen, tap on the ‘Add’ button present in the top right corner of your screen to add it to your home screen.

And that’s it, you can now access the Wordle game exactly like any other app on your iPhone.

Adding Wordle as a Web App on your Android Phone

Adding the Wordle app on Android devices is equally effortless as it is on its iOS counterpart. In fact, you will be done with the process in just a few taps on your screen.

To do so, open powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle using Chrome browser on your mobile phone. Once the website has completely loaded, tap on the ‘kebab menu’ (three vertical dots) present on the top right corner of your screen. This will open an overflow menu on your screen.

Then, from the overflow menu, tap on the ‘Add to Home screen’ option. This will open an overlay pane on your screen.

Now, type Wordle in the space provided and tap on the ‘Add’ button present on the pane. This will bring up a prompt on your screen.

Then, from the ‘Add to Home screen’ prompt, you can either tap-hold on the icon and drag it across the screen to place it manually. Otherwise, tap on the ‘Place automatically’ to let the system place it in the most suitable position on your home screen.

Now, whenever you wish to dive into the world of Wordle, simply tap on the icon present on your home screen to open it and use it just like an app you installed on your phone.

However do keep in mind, if you remove the icon from the home screen you will have to repeat the process mentioned above to get it back.

That’s it, folks, using the simple steps mentioned in this guide, you will be able to enjoy the Wordle game just like any other game installed on your mobile device and completely eliminate the hassle of visiting the website every time you wish to play it.